Looking for help with your closet or what to wear?

As a client, you have access to closet cleanings (vacuuming will be reflected in your bill, lol), fitting room sessions, and of course your own sort of personal shopping – I will let you know if I come across something that is so perfectly you asap!)  I offer a wide range of services that are custom-tailored (just like your suits should be) to your needs.

  • Shop Your Closet
  • Packing Assistance
  • Fitting Room Sessions
  • Personal Shopping
  • Tips & Secrets
  • Special Events
  • Consignment Consultations

Looking for a stylist to help create the perfect editorial story?

Let’s get together!  I want to get a feel for what your brand is looking for, and sometimes emails and websites just don’t carry that same passion and enthusiasm as you do!  

As a client, you have access to wardrobe pulls from local boutiques to retail chain-stores across Kansas City, on-location advising and fix-its (if there’s a problem, I have the solution. Like math, but prettier!)  

For a list of pricing and options, please use the form below.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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