Kansas City Fashion Week: Saturday Designer Showcase

Night four of Kansas City Fashion Week, my feet were still intact, the atmosphere was still kinetic and my fellow bloggers and I were wearing white blazers (see previous post.)

The show started with Garbiela Arslanoglu, a Peruvian tigress – full of personality and well, on the prowl – lol!  If ever there were a way to start off an evening of runway shows, it’s with buff men in speedos (found on facebook.)  I’m not kidding.  There was an overt admiration from the crowd………

But I really thought this was what made me want to be lounging poolside in a tropical paradise:

and I have to give a shout out to this girls’ hair and make-up:
Up next was Courtney Perry for House of Cochon.  I always look forward to her runway shows – dramatically well choreographed models who really strut their stuff (and their attitudes.) 
Ola Hawatmeh of Ola Style introduced here collection with a darling girl in a black taffeta (at last that’s what I think it is) and sequin dress, replete with tulle bow in hair.  It was the black in her collection that caught my eye (do you know what an advocate for color I am??)

The last designer before intermission was Whitney Manney.  Let me start with the quote from her biography, “My job is not done until everybody in the world believes that fashion is art.”  Now, if you’ve seen some of my own outfits, you would probably (without hesitation) describe my style as preppy.  Really preppy.  Whitney Manney’s designs are not something I would usually look at when shopping for an outfit.  No.  Whitney Manney’s outfits are the kind you wear when you have a statement to make.  The art of an outfit that reminds me of John Galliano’s statement couture or Alexander McQueen’s startling masterpieces, but without the painstaking tailoring, leaving you with a bit of Madonna’s early styles and Betsey Johnson’s girly tulle.  This is not the stuff that ready-to-wear is always made of.  This requires you to wear your personality (and your platform, whatever it may be) on your sleeve.  

I have no idea how she did this, but yes!  Those are tie-dyed legs.  
I hope to see more of Whitney Manney, and watch out world – she will take us by storm!
After the brief intermission, we were presented with Conjetta.  When reviewing these shows, I only want to be positive.  Can I be one of those critics Isaac Mizrahi fears?  Yes.  And no.  I won’t lie – the first look was bewildering.  The colors (and I’ve mentioned before how much I like color) were more reminiscent of fall….or winter or the dead of summer in the midst of a long drought.  Keep in mind that over the past few days I’ve been inundated with colors of spring and summer.  However, not unlike a football team who ends the first half of the game down by 24 points, she came back from half time to win the game 35-24.  With these perfectly-tailored adorable, floral-print shorts:
With a similarly demure color palette, Tara Kloeppel (and Handmade by Sara Cramer) spoke to my preppy and 60s style heart with shift dresses and stocking-clad loafer combinations:

Not to be outdone in the preppy department, Brittany of BMDesigns (another sweetheart you can’t help but like) brought us stripes and colors that have me anxious for Spring and the Seaside.

The show ended on a note of pattern, color, and texture from Janie G. Couture:

Oh look!  It’s my favorite male model – Thomas Schubert!

Saturday’s shows were exceptional, the designers and models did such a fabulous job!

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