Kansas City Fashion Week Reviews: Thursday

This past Thursday kicked off a long weekend of amazing local designers.  Kansas City Fashion Week chose a beautiful venue (the historically and recently renovated Union Station,) and selected several new designers as well as several comeback kids.  All images from the show can be found on the Pretty, Polished, Perfect Facebook page.

Andrea Marie Long Designs:  I saw a little preview of her collection at the First Friday party downtown.  My first impression was……the movie Barbarella, with Jane Fonda (don’t watch it – absolutely terrible movie.)  *post-edit: The acting and the plotline are terribly ridiculous, but the costumes are beyond fabulous – so google images, but don’t watch the movie, lol!  I’m glad I was able to catch it on the runway – add an atmosphere and music, and it really changes it.  My favorite from her collection:

Haus of Donna Faye:  I saw last season’s collection, and by comparison, Tiffany has come a long way.  If this were Project Runway (what? I have faithfully watched every episode, lol!) there might be some constructive criticism on craftmanship, and in her favor, there has been some significant refinement.  The theatrics were dark, but well suited to her style:

Erin Paige Designs:  Her pieces are always amazing (and she’s one of the sweetest women I’ve met yet.)  I think I preferred the styling of last season’s show better, but to her credit, I’m now determined to find one of these white gowns to lounge in next summer:

Chelsea Riane Designs:  I loved what she was trying to do here.  I got it.  She can only go up from here, and I hope we will see more from her.  There was a dress or two that made me wonder if she switched models at the last minute.  A few of her pieces came off flawlessly, including this favorite:

Recrudescence: Artistic pieces, that simply put, reminded me of a 3D version of a Jackson Pollock painting.  A few of the collars (?) necklaces also reminded me of George Gower’s painting of Elizabeth I.

Kaity Rathman Designs: Earthy tones, sophisticated tie-dye (she proves it does exist) and I loved, loved, loved being pleasantly surprised by the back of this dress!

Little Michelle Designs:  I have seen Michelle grow and this is by far her best craftsmanship yet, and her inspiration and subsequent translation to the collection are to be applauded.  I loved some of these simple, yet stunning details from collection:

Whitney Manney:  Another designer I have had the opportunity to see develop her talent and if I thought last season was amazing, Whitney has managed to outdo herself yet again.  She is a genius when it comes to printmaking (she could teach those Project Runway kids a thing or two in that challenge!) and her energy and artistic desires permeated the room when she walked out after the final walk.  

AC78:  Let me start with a disclaimer: I think (most) soccer players have amazing style.  I also think American men could take cues from European styles.  Lastly, I had already purchased something from this collection before seeing it on the runway.  It’s that good.  That being said, Aurelien Collin and Tom Paolini produced an amazing show.  Starting with the brilliant performance by several ballerinas of the Kansas City Ballet, pleasing us (women) with well-dressed men (with a hint of modern, male European influence) and ending with what appeared to be a very humble and happy duo of designers.  It was the perfect end to the evening.

*All images are copyrighted and the property of prettypolishedperfect.com.

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