Isaac Mizrahi + Kleenex Style Studio

Back in the day, fashion was a little bit different.  There were no tents at Bryant Park.  Chain stores didn’t have “previews” or showings.  Designers hosted their shows in amazing locations, and even the staging itself sometimes upstaged the collection.  The next morning, local papers would run the reviews and designers woke up putting it off or running to get the nearest copy the moment they awoke.

Around my very impressionable years, I fell in love with several designers, admiring their different aesthetics in varying ways.  One of these was Isaac Mizrahi, who captured me with his charming vintage-inspired ladieswear and had me dreaming of wearing a swingy trench coat á la Supermodel Sandee.

I was following along with his collections when he announced that he was done.  The pressure of the critics was just too much for him and the brand was failing to make a profit. This pair of shoes reminds me of those amazing collections all those years ago.  It was fun to see his appearance again when he collaborated with Target.  I admit I was curious to see what magic he could do on a box of Kleenex.  It isn’t a completely cohesive “collection,” but the floral print is so Isaac Mizrahi, the animal print is a bit more contemporary, and I’m lost at the geometric pattern.   I love the floral pattern in fact, because it’s perfect for the mid-century home décor trend happening right now!  Don’t have any mid-century décor?  You can style this print several ways.  This particular box rests on my nightstand, next to the thank you cards I desperately need to send!  Visit the Kleenex Style Studio and tell me which design is your favorite (take the style quiz and see if you know the answers!)


This post brought to you by Kleenex, but as always these thoughts and opinions are my own!


  1. Gorgeous photos!

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