Navigational Skills in IKEA

IKEA Merriam (in Kansas!)

There should be an entire college degree for navigating IKEA.  Seriously.  IKEA is finally here (in Merriam, KS) and I couldn’t be more happy; IKEA could hold the title for most stylishly inexpensive store in which to vent your retail-therapy urges.  I fell in love with IKEA thirteen years ago, when I had my first dose of European living (so small!) during our honeymoon overseas.  My sister and I laughed (she lived in Germany at the time – I did NOT bring my sister along on my honeymoon!) all the way home in our ridiculously packed BMW sedan.  I’m pretty sure if we had been in the States, we would have been arrested.  And then the poor airline employees who had to schlep my large, heavy purchases to and from airplanes……..

And this just happens to be what I wore to the IKEA Media and Press Preview (and an amazing lunch!)

Transition to Fall with Pretty, Polished, 

Keeping it real in this heat, though.  This is how I transition to fall from summer: with boots!

Transition to Fall with Pretty, Polished,

Madewell Boyfriend Jean (on sale!)
Old Navy Perforated Suede Ankle Boots (on sale too!)
Madewell Eyelet-Inset Blouse

Once you’ve been a few times, and have gotten used to ALL THE THINGS, you start to create your own personalized awareness of how the store is laid out; think too hard about it and you might actually cry.  I’ve been lost and turned around and perfectly willing to sit down and fill my belly with Swedish Meatballs in the hopes that staving off hunger will help me survive somehow.  I’ve stopped and stared at signs, mouth half-open and pointing my finger in the wrong direction.  I’ve also found that I know my way around a heck of a lot better if I cut back through the cashwrap (I think it might be against IKEA law or something, but they have to catch me first!!)  Despite the confusion and sometimes need for a short nap, I still find myself going back.  If nothing else, IKEA has wooden hangers (um, BUMERANG is the name y’all……) at a better price than just about anywhere (take that coupons and sales!)  I love you IKEA, but frankly I’m afraid of your newness!  Maybe in a month?  Who am I kidding?  IKEA is always busy!  Good luck, I can’t wait to see Midwestern homes stock full of what one friend referred to as “Adult Legos.”  If you can read those instructions and your piece of furniture stands, you deserve a small treat.

Did you see yesterday’s post?  I’m talking Vogue Magazine and fall trends!


  1. Molly says:

    Dude, it was so awesome being there before anyone else! My bank account is going to suffer! Too bad I didn’t get a chance to talk to my blogging friends though!

  2. Tracie says:

    I haven’t been yet! I’m afraid I will be overwhelmed with the crowd and all the things.

  3. Annica says:

    Haha that IKEA will be packed for years since it’s one of the only ones around! My mom used to take us there and stick us in the play area when we were kids (we lived in England) and treat us to Swedish Meatballs after. One opened back home in Dallas when I was in middle school and people literally travel across states to go!

    My tips:
    Looking online first helps a ton so you have an idea of what you want.
    They have little paper and pencils for you to write down where to find the item, otherwise you can search it downstairs in the warehouse on the computers.
    You cannot visit without eating there, seriously what amazingness is in that food?!
    Lastly, weekdays and after 5 or 6 are much better times to go than on a weekend.


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