How To: Up-dos, Hair-dos

I named this blog after the style I’m looking for – all things pretty, polished and perfect.  I find them, but rarely do I ever achieve the Triple P status.  (Most likely due to bad hair days and muffin tops.)

My bad hair day go-to?  The Donut (Doughnut?) Bun.  The Sock Bun, minus the sock, add the donut.

Whether you love or hate the bun trend (sock, top-knot or otherwise) it’s in, it’s easy and it’s the fastest way to get your up-do on.

*WARNING*:  Buns and up-dos are not for everyone.  My own face looks better framed by a down-do.  Proportion is important – my own head shape is not right for a teeny-tiny bun.  My face isn’t wide enough for an over-sized “donut.”  When in doubt, stick to the rule of thirds – it should be no larger and no smaller than 1/3 the size of your face (but don’t forget to counter-size for foreheads – larger foreheads can look larger with a shorter-squatter bun and smaller foreheads can look un-naturally small if dwarfed by a too-large bun.)

So go mess around with your hair, take pictures (those photographic images won’t lie – I swear,) and ask your closest and most trusted friend.  And remember, if you receive lots of compliments (of the genuine variety) wash and repeat often.

What do you think?  Are you anti-bun?


  1. Megan says:

    Eventually (God, it's taking forEVER) my hair will grow out and I will be able to wear buns again. Where did you find this donut/doughnut contraption?!

    PS – fun meeting you last night!!

  2. Sheila says:

    I had no idea how that hairstyle was created. I think my hair is too thick though and I'd end up with a donut way too big. 🙂

    I put my hair in a bun just above the nape of my neck frequently, but never when I'm leaving home. It's always so sloppy looking (and not in the intentionally-sloppy way). It works well when I'm cooking or trying to avoid small children

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