How to Store Your Tulle Skirt

I posted a few weeks ago about the tulle skirt (or princess tutu, whichever you prefer to call it) and that every girl should own one. Find the perfect tulle skirt for you here. I wore that skirt, I loved that skirt, and then that skirt threw up all over my house. I had it hanging from one door after another, and The Mr was starting to tangle with it daily (so was I.) There wasn’t a good place to hang that beast (but oh how I loved it!) and I was at a loss as to how to store my tulle skirt; it was taking up too much space (and stealing lettuce from salad plates.)

DIY sequin hanger tulle skirt princess tutu storage

In the midst of my perfect tulle skirt searching, Cotton and Curls posted a picture on Instagram of a tulle skirt she had DIY’d, and had asked her readers how best to de-wrinkle a mass of tulle (she had stashed it in the deep, dark corners of her closet.) Yeah, good luck I thought. The most helpful advice anyone could give was to let it hang for a few days (or even the steamy shower trick.) Just so you know (for those of you who didn’t take textile courses in college,) tulle is essentially a plastic – a man-made, chemically thread all nicely heated into that tulle pattern we all know and love. While I doubt any of you have actually tried to iron plastic, you must have figured out by now that all it does is melt it into a slightly less fun pattern and will likely become a permanent part of both your iron and your ironing board. So whatever you do, don’t iron your tulle (put a tutu condom* on it instead – haha!) AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE DON’T LET IT GET WRINKLED.  

Take an old pair of panty-hose or tights, cut off one leg and the toe piece and bam: tutu holder.


Here’s a quick ten-second video documenting me, turning a pair of old tights into the perfect tutu condom tulle skirt storage holder thingy-ma-jig.

How to store your tulle skirt:

 Also, feel free to hang it from a hanger and tie a pretty little bow on it. Because, why not?

diy tulle skirt storage

*You know when you have a brilliant idea, but when you go to photograph it ends up looking like a condom and just a wee bit phallic-y? Yeah, it’s the first time it’s happened to me as well. And hopefully the last. Either way, my big beautiful tulle skirt is now tucked safely away.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I’m always amazed at the things people come up with!

  2. Great idea! Thank you! 🙂

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