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I’m almost ashamed at how long it’s taking me to decorate my new home. Â I have yet to hang a single piece of artwork on the walls, but don’t worry – my sons have been sure to leave their marks (and sometimes holes) on these bare walls; we have to make it our own somehow, right?! Â I’m a patient person when it comes to finding just the right things and making my house a home; I’m also impatient enough that it’s always at the forefront of my mind and there are days when I’m tempted to buy everything all at once and ask for forgiveness later. Â I recently ordered two chairs from (wow, this oversized throne of a chair has become a real conversation starter) and am anxious to get the rest of my living room completed. Â I had originally ordered the chairs for the living room, but they’ve managed to worm their way into the music parlor. Â I promise we aren’t actually fancy enough to have a music parlor, but it’s where my son’s cello rests and where my piano’s forever home is. Â If these crazy, single, non-house-living, non-housewives can call themselves housewives, well then I guess I get to call my converted formal dining room a music parlor. Â lol

If budget were no issue, my home would be resplendent in Williams Sonoma leather couches and Pottery Barn accents. Â Budget will always be an issue (I love The Mr, but I will never love his love of budgets) and so I’ve been perusing online for slightly more affordable alternatives (did I mention I want new hardwood floors?!) Â Here are a few pieces I would love to put into my Living Room:

Burnish Sofa
The beautiful color in this couch acts as a visual anchor in your living room, while the height allows for the couch to accent an incredible piece of furniture or a strong piece of artwork on the wall behind it. Likewise, if the couch is floating in a space, it can separate a space while maintaining an open feel.
Accent Chairs
Dulce Arm Chair
I love this classic chair in a cool gray; the texture adds a bit of warmth, and a small throw pillow in a warm tone will keep it looking inviting and cozy. The sharp lines with the tufted back keep it classic with a touch of modern. Use this chair as a mid-height anchor in any room, with a tall floor lamp nestled right behind it and it becomes a cozy reading corner in a pinch!
end tables
Calico End Table
I love using metal accent table to add texture to a room, and the golden hue of this mirrored table adds warmth that both invites and soothes. Reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, it adds elegance without overpowering the other elements in your room.
area rugs
Ferry Ivory & Blue Area Rug
I am so in love with vintage looking rugs! I recently came across rug collections at the Bazaar Velvet site and I was just inspired by everything I saw. There are so many designs and material choices, that I feel like when it comes to picking a rug, you’d have to take your time. The beautiful, faded and worn look keeps the color and pattern from overwhelming the room while adding just a hint of texture. It will pair beautifully with a blue or gray couch and a neutral accent chair! I’d pair this rug with a metal accent table or light-colored coffee table.
floor lamps
Cary Slim 68†Floor Lamp
Every room needs a lamp to really polish the look of a room, as well as adding additional lighting. I love the simplicity of this lamp – it can be added to a formal room without being too intrusive or nestled near a couch or reading chair in a more casual setting. Versatility is handy when you want to switch up a room!
Safavieh Braided Chain Mirror
This mirror is a perfect statement piece for any room. The trim adds depth and texture to any room, and can be used in almost any style scheme; traditional, modern, eclectic, and more. Adding a mirror to any room always makes the room seem larger, and brighter!

I will always hold onto budget shopping via craigslist and estate sales (and the West Bottoms of Kansas City on a First Friday!), but “there ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of new furniture” scattered here and there.Â

I’m sitting in my new home coming to terms with the fact that we have moved.  Yep……..we bought a new house.  We gave our last (it was our first!) home a final paint job – we did a terrible job painting the interior and I’m so embarrassed about it – sorry to the new homeowners who get to paint over the Johnson County Beige my realtor recommended.  It was brown, guys.  Brown.  It was warm and inviting and so we put our house on the market and bam!  We had contracts by the end of the first day.  But it was brown y’all. Brown.  A part of my soul died while we lived in that brown home for the six short weeks before we moved. Maybe somewhere down the line, we might consider dubai crestron installation? Some home automation would be awesome! Â

Everything seemed to happen so fast; this was good news for the little sentimental gal controlling that part of my brain (you saw that movie right?) I didn’t even have time to process moving out of our little home! Â That was our first home, bought before we had even thought to think about having children. Â Gosh, we were so young. Â Gosh, we raised our three babies in that home! Â Gosh…….anyway, it’s not our home anymore, we’ve got a new(er) one. Â But it was brown and unrecognizable and it was easy to feel cold-hearted towards it. Â Plus, I forbade myself the opportunity to think about it for even one minute.

Unfortunately, all of this happened at the same time that we were preparing to leave for summer Holiday (Europeans call it a holiday, and it sounds so much more cool than vacation!) and life got all sorts of crazy. Â We were meeting all of our new neighbors and soaking up as much as we could before we left for our six-week holiday; half of our home was unpacked; the other half was stashed somewhere-who-knows-where-and-I-still-can’t-find-my-tripod-and-more-frustrating-things-and-places. Â Update: I found the tripod. Â My favorite sweater? Â Still missing.

I was wandering around the other day, picking up laundry when I realized that my son had re-decorated his room.Boy's desk and chair #backtoyou

I have no idea how heÂ

A) intends to use the drawers with the chair in the way

B) thinks he’s going to be able to use the dresser as a desk.

Who knows, maybe the chair is there to be an obstacle for his brothers, from getting into his things.

Anyway, now that we are back (to our new) home, and things are starting to get settled and we are finally in the groove (I think my family ate real food for like, two nights in a row this week and I used up perishable vegetables before they went bad!) it’s time to start working on renovating and decorating my home. Â We have so. many. projects. Â We told ourselves we were going to find a home that was move-in-ready and would require nothing, but in the end we couldn’t do it. Â We wanted to find a home that we could make our own. Â And something about blood, sweat, and tears (blergh.) Â After buying a home, summer holiday-ing (that’s not a word, but vacationing is!), and getting the sixth sense about our nine-year-old mini-van wheezing it’s last breath soon (update: it’s still kicking,) I’m dreaming of custom furniture – but who am I kidding?! – and instead stalking to the West Bottoms, craigslist (I’m sorry, but Kansas City’s CL sucks y’all!) and online stores like to budget-spend my way into a decorated home that matches my style. Â I might have to start with my son’s room, he’s getting a bit impatient!

Home Decor for boy's room #backtoyou


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