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I have been against elastic waistbands for most of my life (I don’t think I cared either way as a toddler.)  Elastic waist bands are the anti-fit nemesis to tailoring and expensive clothing.  I mean, has anyone seen an elastic waistband on a Chanel skirt before?!  I’d love to stand by my snobbish snubs towards the stretchy and the elastic, but dude!  That was before I gained 15 pounds in the last two months.  Now my usual 5 pocket pants won’t button without causing some major bulge (sad, but true.)  Bring on the elastic I say, but it seems that in the last few years I have translated that literally to leggings and yoga pants.  Add in a brick & mortar Athleta store a few miles away from home and suddenly I have a closet full of sporty styles!  

A slimming pair of vegan leather leggings and cashmere for running errands, via

I love that I can wear this outfit with tennis shoes for running errands or I can dress up this sporty outfit with a pair of heels and call it date night!

Sporty outfit ideas you can wear with tennis shoes and heels, via

Leather Leggings // Cashmere Sweater // Madewell Mira Pumps // Old Navy Scarf (similar here, here and here) // Blue Topaz Ring

Faux leather leggings and chic, sporty day-to-night outfit ideas on

I have been on the hunt for the perfect leather leggings for the past few years.  Leather can be tough due to it’s non-stretchy tendencies; you can’t even mix leather with other useful textiles, like Lycra and spandex.  Bummer, right?  I finally found a pair that was comfortable, not too shiny, and by far the most flattering cut.  It was super-smart of Athleta to use a classic optical illusion to help keep me from looking like sausage stuffed; use contrasting details to give the appearance of curves by using high-contrasting colors.  The two textiles on these pants contrast with a matte black knit that absorbs color with a glossy-texture faux leather that reflects the light.  You can use this illusion to bring out your curves with dresses like these:

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