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My mother taught me resourcefulness from a very young age – and if nothing else, having ten siblings can really teach you how to be self-reliant.  I was involved in church groups and activities that encouraged increasing and developing our knowledge, skills, and talents.  I was in 4-H (does anyone else remember that or am I just that old? Haha!)  My mother taught me many, many things; sewing was a skill I’m grateful she taught me.  She was really a talented seamstress.  She made our wedding dresses.  And they didn’t look home-made.  My sister and I could often be found in matching jumpsuits made by my mother; the 80’s was perfect for that!  I have major respect for designers who sew their own clothes, it’s quite the task.  Times have changed; technology and science have made trendy, fast fashion an easy and affordable alternative.  I grew up having clothes sewn to fit me, honestly, and my mother would pick out textiles that were ideal for the garment, in flattering colors and prints (she was a print and color mixing-master!)  My mom was my very first stylist.  We were dressed in the latest trends – oh my gosh, I’m talking Jessica McClintock patterns and fabrics, Laura Ashley…..oh man, I feel so old haha!)  Now it isn’t about receiving the catalog and finding a pattern at the fabric store and selecting the right fabric and trims.  Now you see a picture of a cute outfit or a chic celebrity on our smartphones and head to the mall and plazas to find it’s cheap imitation.  Where is the person who is going to tactfully keep you from buying the pants that make you look fat? Who do you trust enough to go shopping with?  

My mom used to make all of our clothes and she would match patterns and colors and stuff and it was AWESOME! I love the 80s.

5 Ways to Get Free Styling Tips

(when your sister/favorite shopping friend lives across an ocean)

  1. Many stores offer styling services with dedicated stylists, I recommend you use them. 
  2. Make friends with the salesperson assisting you and sign-up for email alerts from your favorite stores.  I love getting phone calls letting me know about special sales, or when an item I missed was just returned in my size, or with invites to upcoming events and parties.  Stores also communicate with generic emails to let you know about local events that are targeted to certain zip codes. Stores will often host trunk shows, fashion shows, mini-concerts, and launch parties for designers and collaborations.  I know Macy’s department stores will often host these events and they are free to the public. Fans of Karen Fairchild won’t want to miss the launch of her new collaboration with Macy’s ( RSVP for the Dallas North Park event on Saturday, October 22nd at 2pm here.)   If you aren’t a fan of subscribing to emails, you can follow me on your favorite social media – @_TripleP on Instagram, and PrettyPolishedPerfect on Facebook for particularly great sales and finds.  
  3. Style Blogs!  There are so many great stylists online (I hope you think I’m one of them! mwah!)  Do a google search for “style” or “fashion bloggers” + “your city” to find and bookmark your favorites.  Don’t forget to follow them on social media – it’s a great place to see videos and pictures, pick up tips and news, and access to shopping links to make shopping great items as easy as possible.
  4. Pinterest!  What style do you like best?  Search Pinterest using keywords that describe your style: preppy, country, western, boho chic, trendy, edgy, classic, etc.  Include colors if you have a color in mind: black and white, pastel, neon, etc.  Use seasons: fall, winter, summer, spring and other common descriptive words.  You can always find a link to my Pinterest in each of my blog posts, with more tips, ideas and sources of inspiration.
  5. Monthly box subscriptions.  I’ve only heard good things about monthly box subscriptions and they seem to be popping up everywhere.  

A nautical, glam twist with Karen Fairchild at Macy's. Is this faux fur jacket red or purple?

This 5 tips on How to Get Free Styling Tips post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  For more information on this free event, click here.


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