How To: Closet Spaces

This is a fun post – I get to show you a bunch of fantasy closets (see more here) that I wish I had!

Before I do, I want to make a few points about closets:

1.  Closets should always be organized and clean.  How can you look your best if you can’t find your best items??  Bugs (including dust mites) will wear away at your clothes faster than anything else.  I organize my closet by type, then color.  All of my short-sleeve t-shirts are organized by Roy G. Biv (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – the spectrum of the rainbow) with black, gray and white leading.  Next come my 3/4 sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, button up (arranged again, by sleeves) and so on.  It’s the easiest way to find what I am looking for, every time.  I also use wooden hangers exclusively, except when an item is silk or chiffon (they get felt covered hangers.)

2.  Lights can slowly but surely fade your clothes – don’t leave them on all day!  Plus, it will save on your electric bill, lol!

On to the fantasizing (grab a kleenex in case of drool…..)


How can you find anything in that closet??  The shoes at the back probably get worn the least, mostly because they can’t be seen.  While drawers are great – you tend to not wear what you can’t see; unless you enjoy the treasure hunting every time you get dressed.

Do (the personal closet of Erica at Moth Design.  She is the most amazing woman you will ever meet online – mother of 5 boys, interior designer, cutest. woman. ever, her closet is a treasure trove of the most enviable handbags, shoes and clothing!) :

I wish:


look at all that Roy G. Biv, lol!
Source: via Erin on Pinterest


Small spaces:

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Do you already have a fabulous closet?  How do you organize (or fail to organize, lol!)?


  1. ChasingDavies says:

    Ok, I love those last two small spaced ideas (b/c my closet is smalll), but those closets contain like no items. I need organizational help with a lot of stuff in a small space! Or…maybe I just need to get rid of stuff (probably the latter). I want to see more of YOUR closet! 🙂

    My closet is posted here: – which I still need to get up on my blog soon.<

  2. Ira says:

    Thanks for such an informative post! Love it:)

  3. I'm a huge fan of organizing closets. I try to get my hands on my family and friends' closet so I can colour wheel and organize their disaster closets.

  4. ruzzel01 says:

    Useful post. Thanks for the tips. cabinet doors

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