More like House Warning. I think the worst thing in the world is showing up on someone’s doorstep with an awful gift. Housewarming gifts should be specific to the person whose home it is and luckily there are plenty of sites like which suggest gift ideas for all kinds of people.
You wouldn’t buy an ashtray for someone who doesn’t smoke, any more than you would buy a cocktail shaker for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol! However, there are some gifts that some people look out because it’s something that everyone needs, I know some people who look for the best cordless vacuums as housewarming gifts. It’s my solid belief that housewarming gifts should do just that – make a house a warm, cozy, inviting home; a place where friends and family are welcomed with open arms and good memories are made. I was so honored to be the official blogger for the Housewarming event hosted by Town Center Plaza and Town Center Crossing – a night of fun shopping that included yummy food, delicious drinks, discounts and home styling tips from the best experts out there. I hope y’all had a chance to catch the fun on Snapchat (@prttyplshdprfct) and Instagram (@_TripleP.) You should probably follow Town Center Plaza on one of their social media outlets, or sign up for their emails so that you’ll be aware of any upcoming shopping events (a great way to save $$ through discounts and giveaways!) Pottery Barn was serving the most delicious chicken and avocado egg rolls from Houlihans, had a non-alcoholic Mango Margarita (Williams Sonoma Mango Margarita Mix with Sprite – it was delish!) and they were offering a $50 gift card giveaway on top of a 20% discount. Crate&Barrel basically threw a party worth attending, with live music, drinks, food, and more. That was just two of many stores I visited that night!

5 Best No-Fail Housewarming Gifts from a Stylist and Shopaholic via

Their Housewarming theme, while meant to encourage you to decorate your home for fall and the holidays, also got me thinking about housewarming gifts (and there isn’t any reason for the gift-recipient to know you bought it with a discount while partying!) You can find my 5 best housewarming gifts below. What is your favorite housewarming gift to give? Have you received a housewarming gift that you still use (and brag about) today?

5 Best Housewarming Gifts

Board Games – Pottery Barn Kids has a Hannukkah Driedel Set (here) and a Cookies for Santa set (here) that would be perfect as a housewarming gift for anyone who has moved into a new home during the fall or holiday season (and they are under $30!). Family games, party games, and decks of cards make wonderful housewarming gifts as well. I love this marble & gold tic-tac-toe set from Z Gallerie! The perfect housewarming gift is the gift that an owner can say, thirty years down the road, this was given to us when we bought the home, by our dear friend Lucy (insert your friend/family/random acquaintance’s name here.)

Serve-ware (cheese boards!) – Serving trays, bowls, utensils, cutting boards, any kitchen classic would work as a housewarming gift. Kitchen items that can be used for entertaining are always a yes in my book. Again, in the middle of a party, thirty years later, you want your gift recipient to be able to remember with fondness that you are the one that gifted that beautiful platter (or these marble and copper monogram boards (here)I found at Williams Sonoma – under $40!) No toasters. For the love of all that is holy, no blenders. Don’t confuse housewarming gifts with wedding gifts!

Vases & Planters – score bonus points for bringing it full of fresh flowers or potted with a new plant. I loved this eclectic but lovable vase in the shape of a pair of wellies found at Arhaus (perfect for indoors as an umbrella stand, perfect outdoors planted with flowers!) I can’t think of a single home decor store that doesn’t have a myriad of vases, though I myself am partial to Crate&Barrel’s Palmetto vases (here.)

Candles – I hate to be cliché, but as long your gift recipient doesn’t despise candles or have an olfactory issue… almost can’t go wrong with a candle. Anthropologie seems to be the most popular place for picking up scented candles in the most beautiful containers. Seriously, there are blog posts and news articles on How to Make Your Home Smell Like Anthropologie! They have candles in golden pineapple shaped containers (here), mercury glass candles (here), striped tapered candles (here), and they carry the Capri Blue line of candles (here.) They have a candle for any housewarming gift budget. If budget is no issue, I recommend Diptyque (my favorite is Roses – shop them here!)

Bar-ware – No one in the history of mankind will ever not need glassware to drink from. You just can’t go wrong here, they are the one-size-fits-all of housewarming gifts. Even if you accidentally buy Martini Glasses as a housewarming gift for someone who doesn’t drink martinis, they can still be used to serve small salads, desserts and non-alcoholic drinks (a great tip from an expert at Crate&Barrel, who recommended the over-sized Callaway Martini Glass – found here.) If you know they’ve traveled somewhere like say, Morocco – these Pottery Barn Moroccan Double Old-Fashioned Glasses are fabulous, unique and currently almost half-price (shop them here, for under $25.)

Worst case scenario, purchase a housewarming gift the recipient can re-gift (sorry, re-gifting is real y’all!)

Leave your two cents here (three cents is always better!)

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