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As much as I love styling for holiday parties, I have to admit that decorating around the home has – in recent years – become much more fun.  Sure, sugar-crashes pine needles aren’t fun, but I do love spending time with my sons.   

Holiday Coffee Table vignettes on

One of my boys likes photography and has some mild interest in it.  He was more than eager to help me take pictures of one of his favorites – candy.    It was fun, and all we’ve managed to accomplish was a tray full of candy the Dining Room centerpiece/coffee table vignette. and gum balls.  I mean, where would we be without gum balls?  Don’t you remember that nasty double-bubble that tasted (and looked) like a very sweet Pepto-Bismol?!  That stuff was the best 3 seconds of every kids lives (and their teeth too.)  

Holiday Coffee Table vignettes on

Holiday Coffee Table vignettes on

Did anyone else get ABC gum stuck in their hair?  That was the worst.  But probably not as bad as the fan/hair incident I witnessed in the summer of ’13.  That was equal parts alarming and amusing, and I have to admit that I took a picture of the whole debacle.  I’m that mom.  Of course, I’d be crying too if my hair just got caught, and stuck, in a fan.

Holiday Coffee Table vignettes on

Holiday Decor Tips:

  • Have fun. Sometimes you should eat candy.
  • Try not to use more than three main colors 
  • Layers – you do it with your wardrobe, now do it with your dishes!

I think my sons thought it was Christmas morning when I showed them what we would be using in today’s photoshoot!  I apologize to my friends and family right now: These goodies will end up on your doorsteps or in Christmas crafts.  And if you aren’t lucky enough to live in my (well, it’s our’s really) neighborhood, here’s your chance to win a $50 in Sweetworks candy (you all remember Sixlets® now, right?)  Sweetworks has all the colors of candy and gumballs you could ever need for any of your special parties (p.s. you need six bags of the colored gum balls to fill this vintage gum ball machine!)  I’ve seen candy favors at weddings, I’ve used them to decorate at an open house and as a snack for my son’s Valentines Party; why do we love to look at colored balls of sugar so much?!

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Looking for more idea on decorating, recipes and crafting?  Find them here!     

 A special thanks to SweetWorks for sponsoring this post and adding some Christmas cheer to a gloomy (literally) day!


  1. TrippyCusp93 says:

    My favorite is dark chocolate Milky Ways! I think they’re called Midnight Milky Ways…

  2. I like the Sixlets in silver and blue

  3. Janet W. says:

    My favorite candy/color combination is lemon (yellow) Jellybeans!

  4. Dark chocolate raspberry truffles so dark brown and pink.

  5. Nancy says:

    I like their Christmas Mix with red, white, and green candy.

  6. I like ot eat Sixlets. I love the crisp taste of the shell and then the delicious chocolate inside! Leigh Anne Borders

  7. rochelle haynes says:

    The gum balls in black

  8. rochelle haynes says:

    The gum balls in gold

  9. rochelle haynes says:

    I like the nerds in the different colors

  10. shirley says:

    I like Red Jellybeans.

  11. I like the bright pink and the caribbean chocolate balls.

  12. Nancy Loring says:

    My favorite candy is red cinnamon jawbreakers. When I was a kid we would have contest to see who could keep the jawbreaker in their mouth the longest. I won a few times.

  13. I love the bright yellow lemon heads!

  14. I love the bright yellow lemon heads!

  15. Love the blue, white and silver Sixlets. So pretty.

  16. Danielle Papsis says:

    Pink starbursts are my favorite.

  17. I love the red and green sixlets; it’s just so Christmasy!

  18. I love the red and green sixlets; it’s the perfect Christmas combo!

  19. I love the purple grape skittles the most BUT love mixing them with the red cherry flavors too! Thanks for the amazing and festively fun giveaway!

  20. Alice says:

    Pink gumballs

  21. Terra Heck says:

    I like purple Nerds. Thanks.

  22. LaTanya says:

    kiwi and strawberry is my fave combination

  23. Ann Fantom says:

    I like the red, white and green color combination of the Christmas Mix Pearls

  24. Joseph Hawkshaw says:

    Mine is red six-lets very good.

  25. Jan Lee says:

    I like the orange break aparts from Ovation. I also like the raspberry, so red I guess, break aparts 🙂

  26. The Combination of colored candy that I love, especially right now for the Christmas Holiday is Green, Red & White! I also Love Gold & Silver covered candy for New Years as well! Thanks, Michele 🙂

  27. I love the green Sour Apple Jolly Ranchers! Yum!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  28. I love green Sour Apple Jolly Ranchers! Yum!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  29. Debra Holloway says:

    I like orange starbursts.

  30. Debra S says:

    My favorite color of candy… DARK brown! LOL Okay okay my fav is bittersweet chocolate! But wow I LOVE the foil-wrapped chocolate in the shapes for every occasion. That is always the most popular candy treat the kids love.

  31. Black jelly beans

  32. robyn donnelly says:

    My favorite color is green like ande’s mints. I love dark chocolate best.

  33. RJ says:

    My favorite candy is Whoppers. They only come in chocolate brown color. 🙂

  34. Angelica says:

    Sixlets in silver & pink!

  35. barb stenby says:

    I like them all but the pink starburst is my fave

  36. Kimberly says:

    I love yellow (banana) Laffy Taffy.

  37. I love those Raspberry hard candies with the soft center. So Raspberry Raspberries:-)

  38. Robin Abrams says:

    My favorite colors are red and gold gum balls

  39. slehan says:

    I’d never thought much about color combining of candy. I like the Dark Mint Filled Break-A-Part. Fun to eat and yummy.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

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