Holiday Skirt, 4 Ways

I love the holidays, I love the holiday parties and I love the holiday dresses; any excuse to wear jewels, sequins and furs is fine with me!  The Mr doesn’t love me spending our entire budget on dresses that won’t get a lot of wear, so I try to get creative when shopping for holiday-specific items.  Like one skirt, 4 ways.

How To Wear Holiday Dresses in Different Ways

Holiday Skirt, 4 Ways:

I found this pleated skirt at Target for under $20.  A skirt is simple enough – you can pair it with sweaters, cardigans, blazers, button-downs, and more.  It seems like a no-brainer right?  Most of the items below should be classic staples you might already have in your closet: a cream silk blouse, a statement belt, a basic black t-shirt, black patent heels, leopard pumps, denim button-down, leather jacket, a clutch of some sort……

Find the perfect Holiday Outfit starting with one skirt.  Switch it up with silk blouses, statement belts, fur capelets and scarves or wear it as dress for an edgier look!  The options are endless.

Skirts That Convert To Dresses:

  • Tube Skirt (in stretch, with few to no darts) = Bodycon Dress
  • Full Skirt = Swing Dress (don’t be afraid to belt it like this Madewell dress)
  • Maxi Skirt + belt = Blouson Dress
  • Maxi-Skirt Straight = Shift Dress
  • Gathered Skirt = A-Line or Tent Dress

Add unique  and colorful accessories to make your holiday basics really pop!

Tips for Recycling Your Holiday Wardrobe:

  • Classic Shapes 
  • Classic Colors
  • Solid Colors
  • Fabulous & Unique Accessories

Add unique  and colorful accessories to make your holiday basics really pop!



  1. Love the yellow gloves and fur cap! Also….$20 from Target, definitely a no brainer!!


  2. you are gorg and i love this!!!!! oh and i miss you lots!!

  3. I love how you styled this skirt! I would wear it all of these ways! So adorable!!


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