High-Waisted Denim: Trend or Timeless

High waists are not for the faint of heart, or the large of derrierre, or the bloated either.  It also takes a certain kind of confidence.   Remember when terribly unflattering photo of Jessica Simpson was seen floating around the internets?o you think   I do, and the critics were vicious!  No she wasn’t fat, but I hope she fired her stylist (or hired one after that fiasco.)  Trends aren’t flattering on everyone, and the high-waisted pant trend is particularly unfriendly to the masses.  Every time I see a photograph of a girl looking adorable in high-waisted pants, it’s usually aged yellow and makes me think the women of the 70s were insanely chic (in jeans of all things!)

YSL Illustration

Yves Saint Laurent Illustration, image via Pinterest

With a little effort (and an insane amount of luck,) I found a pair that were high enough to be “trendy” but not heinous enough to make me want to hide under the covers for days on end.



 Joe’s Jeans high-waisted trouser denim (a great deal on these jeans!)
Rolling Stones t-shirt
Madewell Turner Bracelet (similar here)


What do you think, is the high-waisted trend for you?   Is it timeless (or does it just belong in an era long gone?)


  1. I love you in those jeans but Erin those are NOT High Waisted! High Waisted go at or above your waist IMO, like the yves St. Laurent picture. #ChildofThe70s&80s

    • Lol, I know they aren’t that high-waisted, but they are the highest-waist pair I own 🙂

  2. i want to try high waisted pants.. once this pregnancy is over!!

    Sandy a la Mode

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