Boho Chic // 5 Tips

Boho-Chic // 5 Tips

We moved in late spring last year and this summer finds my family in a new neighborhood, at new schools, and on new sports teams.  This also finds me, as the mother, now feeling the desperate urge to make friends with everyone.  In an attempt to expedite the friendship making process, I attended a beauty night hosted by one of the team mothers.  We had a kickin’ good time (face masks galore) as the Real Housewives of Johnson County party-goers tried to eek every last drop out of the sangria dispenser; there were plenty of laughs, fun camaraderie, and zero sales pitches.  My plan to befriend the entire universe seemed to be working well.

How to style boho-chic and still look chic (not costume-y!) via

The night was no longer young and the hostess tried to get a dance party started (you won’t have to ask me twice) with a Pitbull song.  Which meant of course, I felt inclined to share my opinion (that no one had asked for): his voice is sexy, I love the rhythm in his songs, but man is he ugly (not that beauty matters!!)  Fast forward a few minutes to this conversation as one of my new friends shows me a picture on her phone:

New Friend: “This is what I was talking about….”

Me, looking at her phone:”Ugh! He [Pitbull] is SO ugly!”

New Friend: “…….that’s my husband.”

Lord have mercy on my soul y’all!  I just told this woman her husband was ug-lay! I reached out, touched her arm and apologized.  I had no words.  She had been telling a story (I had been conversing on the side with the hostess and missed all of this!) of a time when they got dressed up for a seventies themed party and everyone kept asking her husband if he had intended to dress as Pitbull.  And I just called him ugly.  Like, double ugly.  Like triple ugly, a point I’m positive I got across via my body language, if not by facial expression.  Anyway, don’t dress up in costumes.  The new girl (ugh, why is it so hard to make friends?!) at the party might insult your husband…….. 

How to style boho-chic and still look chic (not costume-y!) via

Top, FJ Boutique // Necklace, // Bracelet, Madewell // Denim, Madewell // Shoes, JCrew

Speaking of costumes, I’ve compiled a few tips to help you avoid all of my calamities, but especially how to avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume (because nobody wants to look like a toddler who refuses to wear anything but a spiderman costume, am I right?!)

5 Useful Tips for Incorporating any Trend (like boho-chic) into Your Wardrobe:

  1. Pair the trend with modern/updated styles. The latest fit in jeans, the current popular shirt length (cropped vs. long), wedges vs flat sandals, etc.
  2. Wear the trend with neutrals. Neutrals are like a warm, cozy safety net – you can’t go wrong!
  3. Look for details that are similar to the trend. The simple fringe found on the ends of most scarves are still fringe, so don’t wear your scarf with your fringe saddlebag (try a thin silk scarf fitted around your neck instead!)  On the flip side, the “lacing” of these espadrille wedges is reminiscent enough of sixties trends (lace-up vests anyone?) that it ties the styles together (pun totally intended.)
  4. Stick to one piece from a current trend or style, especially within a specific era. I paired a loose, flowy, boho-chic top (as seen in the photographs) with a more modern pair of jeans (like these not-optic-white, straight-leg, distressed and cuffed pair of white jeans), and a casual-but-still-preppy wedge espadrille keeps the outfit from looking like I’m A) trying too hard and B) a mini-van wielding mother attending a themed costume party in the middle of the afternoon (who does that?)  The more you add to your outfit from one style or era, the more the odds increase (not in your favor) of your outfit looking like a costume; because costumes are great, at a costume party and on Halloween.
  5. Use accessories rather than garments. Carry a black suede fringe saddlebag or a cute pair of sandals with lots suede fringe and you’ll look boho-chic but not costume-y.  Accessories are always a great way to add trends into your wardrobe, and trendy accessories are readily available in every price range.

How to style boho-chic and still look chic (not costume-y!) via

How to style boho-chic and still look chic (not costume-y!) via

Thanks to FJ Boutique for sponsoring today’s 5 Tips for incorporating Trend (like boho-chic) into your Wardrobe post!  Send them some love, will ya?  Follow along with them on Instagram @Frontier_Justice. They are a great destination boutique for boho-chic apparel, accessories and more! Oh yeah, all opinions are my own – as always (sometimes people do actually ask for my opinion lol!)

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