Love this dress. 
Love this color. 
And I have no idea why I’m doing whatever it is I’m doing in that last picture.

Jacket: Forever21
Necklace: Forever21
Dress: H&M
Belt: Target
Shoes: Daisy Fuentes via Kohls
I love this dress so much I don’t care that you can see that my well-sized thighs stick out further than my non-existent waist.  (If you couldn’t read the sarcasm in that sentence, take a deep breath and read it again.)


  1. Terri says:

    Ah, in the last picture, you are looking carefree. Or possibly kicking gravel off the driveway. The green looks great with the leopard.

  2. I agree with Terri, gorgeous combination.

  3. shawnaluster413 says:

    Kelly green right? Green is my favorite! I think it is the one color that looks good on everyone.

  4. Erin says:

    Thank, Terri.

  5. Erin says:

    Kelly green. I will always love it!

  6. janae says:

    FAB! Outfit! Love the jacket and the pearls – so classic!

  7. What a wonderful look, the green pairs so perfectly with the jacket!

  8. Katy_rose1 says:

    How did I not see that jacket at my local Forever21 this winter? I love it paired with this bold green dress. Such a great look on you and the nude pumps are the perfect shoes to finish off the look. – Katy

  9. You look fabulous! Love the color of the dress with that jacket.

  10. Chelsea Mac says:

    I ADORE this look!!! Thanks for finding me. Can't wait to continue to follow!!!

  11. cheryl_denise says:

    loveeee that jacket!! and it looks great with the green. glad you found me through BDIB, looking forward to keeping up with you!

    a peek of chic

  12. Styleonthecouch says:

    Oh you look fabulous in this! It's a great combination of colour and print. And I do believe there might be an opening in Mad Men for you with this look. I am very inspired by 40s and 50s styles right now. Powerfully feminine which is always a win in my book!

  13. Riley says:

    Wear this dress with a slip and the thigh problem will disappear. Seriously.

  14. Anita says:

    A very beautiful outfit! I love the combination of leo and green – so far I combined my leo print belt only with pink and red (apart from "non-colors"…) – but I'll definitely try green soon!
    xxx Anita

  15. You look AMAZING in this outfit. I'm visiting from What I Wore Wednesday and would love for you to join my ABC's of Style challenge at

  16. I really, really, really love green with leopard lately – and you've done it so well! I absolutely love this outfit – perfection!

    Also, I made 2 purse clutches and I'm giving away 1 on my blog – you can pick which size you like! Check it out here.

  17. Shelley Zurek says:

    Okay Erin, This is so darn adorable. I MUST HAVE THOSE SHOES. Did you buy them this year?? Gahhh. I love the whole 50s Barbie vibe of the outfit. Your hair and makeup are great too. !

  18. Erin says:

    Thanks, Shelley! These shoes were from Kohls about 10 years ago! They sat in my closet for years (they were marked down to $6) before I rediscovered them.

  19. Erin says:

    Thanks, Shelley! These shoes were from Kohls about 10 years ago! They sat in my closet for years (they were marked down to $6) before I rediscovered them.

  20. This look is amazing! Thanks for finding it!

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