Flarely There

My sister and I had a quick conversation about current trends the other morning.  I claimed that flare and trouser jeans were back in (trouser jeans are my favorite and I love when they come back around on the fashion merry-go-rouond!), le style populaire!  She doubted me, saying that she hasn’t seen anyone wearing them around. Well, maybe it’s not something Europeans (she’s currently residing in Germany) do (jeans, that is) and I don’t blame them.  Jeans are not the end-all, be-all as famously found in the 1988 Calvin Klein ad – a young Brook Shields claiming, “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.” I hear you girlfriend. Except for maybe my yoga pants. 

Fall trend forecasts on PrettyPolishedPerfect.com. Skinny jeans are still in, but watch out world - flare & trouser leg jeans are back (yay!) #fall

Top // Madewell Flea Market Flare // old Steve Madden shoes // Necklace c/o eNVeDesigns.com // Madewell Snake Bracelet

Fall trend forecasts on PrettyPolishedPerfect.com. Thanks goodness for loose-fit shirts that hid all my junk (and high-waisted jeans!) #fall

Flare jeans (and trousers too!) can look great with the trending crop-tops (t-shirts, sweaters, you name it!)  Can we just talk about these t-shirts that are everywhere?  First, stripes (always.)  Second, big baggy sleeves are so unflattering.  On everyone!  I use my handy-dandy sewing skills that I acquired from my mother when teaching your daughters all the things was still cool to make small changes to items that aren’t quite perfect.  I re-sewed the sleeve seam, taking it by almost 2 inches on each sleeve.  Much better!  

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