Fashion’s Night Out, Kansas City

I talked my sister Catherine into going to Fashion’s Night Out on the Plaza in Kansas City.  Actually, I asked her about it and without hesitation she said (read: practically screamed) yes.  To be honest with you, I occasionally (read: rarely) remembered to document the evening with photos:

Bo Ling’s Almond Cookies.  It’s good Chinese Food.
 My favorite store.  I call this shot: Dessert at Tiffany’s.  Seriously, they were the best cupcakes (especially the frosting) and this was probably the only store offering non-alcoholic lemonade. 
My sister and I walking the Red Carpet (see the original photo.)  We aren’t famous, no one cares what we were wearing, but for 15 seconds, we felt really special.  For free.  Can’t beat that, right?
Some of the stores we hit: 
The new Micheal Kors boutique
Tiffany’s (how do they make it feel like a home away from home?)
Hall’s (it was crazy packed in that store!!)
Betsey Johnson (if I ever find the photobooth pics, I will share them – it was so fun to try on those outrageous dresses!)
Panache (free European Style Truffles, now I’m hooked!)
Burberry (greatest employees, ever!)
That was all we made it to before the stores started closing.  There were people, music, the sounds of laughter, shopping bags, food………it was so much fun – a party in every store!  What could possibly be more fun than friends, parties and shopping??


  1. Oh, I would love to go to a Fashion night and on the Plaza? Wow, it looks like it was a lot of fun! You both looked great.

  2. Erin says:

    Thanks! It was soooo much fun. More fun that I had thought it would be!

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