Dumpster Diving

While there was no actual dumpster diving, there was an industrial sized dumpster willing to serve as my backdrop:
Necklace: Twisted combination – Target + a gift from The Mr.
Top: JCrew
Jacket: Old Navy (buy it)*
Bracelet: Forever21
Belt: DIY grosgrain ribbon
Jeans: JCrew (buy them)
Shoes: Forever21
I know, by now you are super-duper impressed with my awesome WonderWoman-like abilities to find perfectly hued and aged dumpsters.  I know I am.  Just kidding…………everyone knows She-Ra was far more cool! 

*This jacket is on clearance in stores – $22.99 the last time I checked, two weeks ago (it used to be on clearance online too…..) and now they have it in RED!


  1. Love that jacket, and those shoes add a nice fun touch to this outfit.

  2. Erin says:

    Thanks! It's my favorite spring jacket, and I'm really contemplating getting it in red for the fall!

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