DSW #minishoelover Party

A few weeks ago we invited everyone to join us at the St. Peters DSW to celebrate that the store now sells kids shoes (yay for family shoe shopping all in one place right?!)  Meg and I worked our little rear-ends off planning all the little details (and the big ones too!) and had a great time at the event (despite the rain.)  There’s little I love more than planning parties, the prep work, the execution and then of course, the final party; after this party though, I’m thinking I need to hire an assistant (or three.)  

#MiniShoeLover at DSW

Mad props to The Mr and the boys for loving me even when I devoted all of my free time to making this happen.  And of course, mad props to my co-host Megan because I certainly couldn’t have done this without her support – the conference calls, the ideas, the sounding board for frustrations and eating donuts with me lol!  

#MiniShoeLover with Pretty, Polished, Perfect + Chasing Davies


Fun tip: when using water bottles, rip off those labels and tie on your business cards with ribbon for a prettier presentation!

Attach business cards to water bottles

 A huge thank you to the St. Charles County Public Library for reading books to all the children who attended the event!  Banners & tulle pom-poms created by me (wow, the first time I haven’t messed up a craft – too badly lol!!)

Story Time with #minishoelovers

 Um, donuts.  

Donuts, Donuts on a stick (or a straw), paper straws, striped napkins

Another HUGE thank you to Kelly of Live, Laugh, Rowe and to Consumer Crafts for providing the amazing crafts.

Craft TimeCraft time

I have to end with a final thank you to Gina of i Kandi Photography and her amazing assistant for their awesome energy and photography!

It was so great to meet everyone that came out to the party, readers and bloggers alike.  I love parties, so be looking out for more in the future 🙂


  1. Anna says:

    You guys did so great on this!!!

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