Does This Dress Make My Arms Look Fat?

Yay, it’s the time of the year to start pinning how to get tank top arms in 10 minutes (or less.)  

In other news, I’m freezing.  I’m ready for warm weather and I’m over my fall sweaters but find myself needing more warmth than my spring jackets can give.  I want to be back in sunny Mexico, sipping super-sweet Coca~Cola (a rare treat), and soaking in the bright colors searing my corneas.  I’m just kidding about that last part….. 

tete-a-tete: a french phrase meaning one-on-one via Pretty, Polished, Perfect.

Candies Dress (similar here)
J.Crew Pilar Sandals
Madewell Transport Tote
J.Crew Rosette Necklace (similar here)

Bright colors and warm sunshine in Mexico via

Does this dress make my arm look fat?


  1. No the dress does NOT make your arms look fat! However, I find a cap sleeve (for Myself) is something I avoid like the plague.

  2. So cute!

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