Do I Buy Shoes or Do I Buy Groceries?

Just kidding.  I love shoes, but not enough to starve for them, haha!

About this time last year, I posted here and here about Kohls and Shoes.  I love Kohls for their trendy yet affordable spring and summer shoes.  I love Kohls for their customer service.  I love Kohls for their stinking coupons that I can’t keep track of (but they will let you “use” even if you don’t have them!)  In my shopping cart:

SONOMA life + style Espadrilles Sacred Heart Arven Espadrilles
Bucco Chassie Peep-Toe Platform Wedges ELLE Platform Wedges
Unionbay Powder Platform Wedge Sandals Dana Buchman Espadrilles
Mudd Platform Wedge Espadrilles Simply Vera Vera Wang Platform Wedge Sandals

Shoes Row 1: Sonoma, Sacred Heart. Row 2: Bucco Chassie, Elle. Row 3: Union Bay, Dana Buchman. Row 4: Mudd, Simple Vera Vera Wang. (shoes found here, then sort by brand!)

With the sales and coupon code SUNSHINE20 (for 20% off, expires May 3) my total is $253.47. 

While it’s great that I’m getting 8 pairs of shoes for less than $300, I could also take that $250 and save it towards a pair of fabulous Christian Louboutins.


 Hmmmm….decisions, decisions.

What do you think?  Affordable, trendy shoes for one season, or save my money for a pair of shoes that will last me a lifetime (you better believe I will still be wearing those Louboutins when I’m 80!)?


  1. As someone who in the past bought lots of affordable, trendy shoes and someone who now saves up for the nice shoes…..go with the Loub's. Trust me! 😉

  2. Chelsea Mac says:

    My money is on the loubs….DO IT 🙂

    Chelsea (

  3. LOVING your style… shoes last forever, a meal doesn't 🙂 just saying! hahaha

  4. Erin says:

    You are right. Hunger pains can be quite excruciating and seemingly last forever though 😉

  5. Erin says:

    But I really wanted those cute espadrilles!! I trust you, it's my patience that isn't always trustworthy 😉

  6. Loubs. Fo sho.

  7. DavidSBarney says:
  8. Frida says:

    Love love love the first two pairs! Very summery, plus a neutral will go with everything.. And the stripey blu is instant outfit by itself. I'd get those 2, if I could! and I'd save the rest for – say – more dresses or skirts, or a new bag, maybe… 🙂
    I'd say no to the Loub. I will never ever spend that much on a single pair of shoes – but that's me 🙂

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