DIY Party Crowns

I live in a house full of testosterone.  I have to fight it however I can.  With things like girly DIY party crowns.  And chocolate.  I also live in a home with three boys, a husband and everything that goes with it – the laundry, the dishes, cooking and cleaning, insert more time-sucking stuff here.  I found myself wanting to do something fun for New Year’s Eve, but like always, I also found myself with little time to do it in.  At the last minute, a good friend and I threw a party together and bam!  I made myself little DIY party crowns out of pipe-cleaners (that’s what these are called right?)

DIY gold crown pipe cleaner

I brought extras with me to the party, where I had the pleasure of helping little girls make crowns of their own.  This was helpful – sometimes I need to borrow someone’s daughter(s) for girly bonding, seriously.  Party favors, under 5 minutes and less than $1?  Any day.  (if you don’t have those nifty little jewelry pliers, you should invest in some – under $10 – because they are useful for everything.)

diy party crown pipe cleaner

Supplies you’ll need (I left out the thread, sorry!)


diy pipe cleaner crown headband

This headband (the individual little fibers grab and stick to your hair!) doesn’t hurt
(you know that squeezing feeling I’m talking about!)


Diy party crown

Bend it. Simple, right? Just keep it as tall or as short or as wide as you need!


diy party crown

Bam. I made this, and I have the “black thumb” of crafting. (laugh, please. It’s true.)
p.s. just remove the headband and put the crown around your bun, if that’s how you roll!

Here I am, modeling the crown (while in my pajamas – what’s wrong with that?!)

diy party crown in gold wth pipe cleaners



  1. What a cute idea! I’m going to have to do this and wear it whenever I’m feeling less than royal. Definitely a confidence booster 🙂

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this! Soo cute. I need to make one ASAP!

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