Diet Coke Ad, Part Deux

I’m going to be perfectly honest (not that I am not always honest, lol) when I read the email that I would be featured on the Times Square billboard, I danced like a crazy woman around my living room. Jumping up and down ensued.  Any passersby may have been tempted to call an ambulance. Of course, my son was taking a nap, so it was a quiet dance, with soundless screams of delight. Really. That’s how it happened. 
There I was.  For 15 seconds!  My name was even on there!  Yes, I did another happy (or crazy) dance.  I have never aspired to have my face or my name on a billboard.  To have it actually happen?  Well, it’s fun and I will get to tell my grandchildren about it one day and they won’t believe me, lol!
Sadly, I did not win the trip for two.  Which I wasn’t really counting on, so hey!  We’re all happy, right?  If you are interested in seeing the submissions who did win the trip, you can view them on Facebook.  I am not sure if there is a compilation of those who were chosen for the billboard, but I will add it if I find one. 
I’d like to give a special shout out to The Mr who patiently photographed my ideas and to Hallie of Corals + Cognacs, whose blog post motivated me to enter the contest! 
I rarely win anything.  Have you ever won anything?

Wondering what the arrow is pointing to?  Head over to Dress With Courage, where I am today’s guest blogger!

p.s. tomorrow is my birthday.  I am going to be 22.  Because I can.


  1. Congratulations!!! That's so exciting :) I never win anything either…but I guess someone has to be the non-winner haha

    Happy Early Birthday!!!!

  2. Congratulations! That was a great picture. Diet Coke is my favorite too. My Mother thinks it is going to kill me though. I told her it was my one vice and I was keeping it.
    This is the coolest thing ever!

  3. Chitownchicas says:

    Way to go! I won the HP touch laptop I am writing on and a custom bike! I always said I never win anything so I never bothered entering, but then I randomly entered something and totally won. Now I enter stuff all the time and randomly get an email back that I have won!

  4. Styleonthecouch says:

    Living in NYC I can totally understand the thrill of seeing yourself on the Times Sq billboard! Shame that you did not win the bigger competition though :( I got through lucky phases, but there are some great competitions on blogs right now, I always think it's worth entering, just in case :-)

  5. Yay! Congrats, girl! So happy that you entered! That e-mail sent shivers up and down my spine, too :)

  6. Rachel Zincke says:

    That is so freakin' awesome! I loved those pictures, so I'm not surprised. Oh so fun!

  7. Thanks, Jenn! I am usually the non-winner (is that a kind way to say loser, lol?)

  8. Thanks!

  9. Wow! You won some really great things. I suppose you have no chance of winning if you don't even enter, lol!

  10. I wish I lived in NYC! I'm not sure my children would love it, but I would :) Lucky phases, I think I have those, but my luck seems to be more like: I'm lucky I didn't run into that car. Haha

  11. Thanks, and congratulations to you as well!

  12. Thanks, Rachel!

  13. Haha yep, it puts a positive spin on it since 'winner' is still part of the word lol

  14. Well, you know…..we are all "winners." Haha!

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