Denim on Denim

I’m talking the denim on denim trend, perfect for Spring and five simple tips for mastering it.  

I’ve seen the occasional photo pop-up in my Pinterest feed – a perfectly put-together woman, chic-ly (let’s pretend that’s a real word, mkay?) long legs gracefully crossing the street (or the enviable thigh gap – my thighs have a very close relationship; they can’t seem to let each other go.) <haha>  What is being noted about this picture?  The denim top and the denim, um, jeans, aka denim on denim; otherwise known as the Canadian Tuxedo, something Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears decided to wear together as a couple (please don’t be like them, not even in 1998.)  

Denim on Denim // 5 Tips for rocking this trend on

I’m on the fence with the denim on denim trend (though timeless in a bohemian way.)  I would never wear this outfit without the cardigan or a blazer.  Never.  I think it takes the right mix and lots of confidence to pull off a denim on denim look.  This is one of those outfits I put together before realizing that it is all. one. brand.  oops.  For more inspiration, be sure to check out my DENIM on DENIM Pinterest Board!

Denim on Denim // 5 Tips for rocking this trend on

 Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans // Madewell Denim Button Down (these three from Madewell are good substitutes 1 / 2 / 3) // Madewell Cardigan // Madewell Dawngold Cuff // H&M Leopard Slip-ons (similar, or ked style here // H&M Gold Vegan Leather Hat (similar here or here) // Madewell Leather Belt

I am in love with this wide cuff bracelet from Madewell (sold out online, so check your nearest stores.)  It’s been on constant rotation; I no longer bother to put it in the drawer when I take off my accessories at night – it has a spot right on top of the dresser!

5 Tips for Denim on Denim

  1. Break up the look with a pop of rich color.  A red belt, a deep cognac tote, yellow shoes, a polka dot scarf – just to name a few.
  2. Don’t wear the same rinse/wash.  There should be variations, in shading or rinse (dark or light).  
  3. Dark on bottom, light(er) on top.  This isn’t a hard rule, but a darker pant will be more thinning!
  4. Proportion.  Always a number one rule.  If the pants are skinny (tight) then match it with a looser top.  If the pants are wide leg, be sure to wear a well-tailored top that will give you just enough structure (think princess seams to pull in the waist) to flatter your curves.  
  5. This trend pairs well with golds, cognacs, blacks, and bright primary colors like red and yellow.

Denim on Denim // 5 Tips for rocking this trend on

 Looking for a winter denim-on-denim look?  Check out my wear it now // wear it later post!


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