Day 4: Trendy (cheap) vs. Timeless (the real deal)

Have you all heard of GroopDealz?  Aside from the fact that I will get $5 in credit if you sign up and spend $20*, this website usually features at least one knockoff item from store favorites Anthropologie and J. Crew.  Occasionally there will be shoutouts to other stores, including Nordstrom.  Even I was tempted by the Stella & Dot Outlaw bracelet knockoff (under the boutique section) and the J. Crew enamel link bracelet knockoff (each for under $10!)

a closer shot – you can see where the finish is wearing off – but hey! they were less than $10 (and the finish on all jewelry wears off over time…….)

I have one rule of thumb for jewelry:

  • Trendy = cheap
  • Timeless = invest
There’s not much worse than buying a cheap accessory you love to pieces (literally) and can’t repair or replace!

*Groopdealz is not sponsoring this post.  Anyone who signs up with Groopdealz will be given a personalized “invite friends” link and receive the same $5 credits.


  1. sandyalamode says:

    i shop both trendy and investment pieces!!! i love groopdealz!
    Sandy a la Mode

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