Day 28: The White Tee

The very first episode of Project Accessory (my jury is still out on whether this show is a keeper or not) featured white t-shirts and jeans; the basic building blocks of any outfit and perfect for highlighting great statement accessories!)
Manikan wearing white top and belt

Christina Caruso, Episode 1, Season 1

James Sommerfeldt putting belt on model in the workshop
James Sommerfeldt, Episode 1, Season 1 (that belt was a major #fail in my opinion!)

Kelly Horton putting necklace on model in workroom

Kelly Horton, Episode 1, Season 1 (loved that green clutch!)

Nina Cortes in the workshop

Nina Cortes, Episode 1, Season 1 (she won!)

I have about ten different white t-shirts, five variations on a white button-down and 2 white sweaters. 
Are white t-shirts a staple in your wardrobe?  Did you like Project Accessory?
p.s. Poor Molly Sims, she doesn’t stand a chance against Heid Klum (who’s not just pretty, she’s got personality to spare!)


  1. thanks for the re-cap! I'm super excited to check this show out but it's just a place holder til PR all stars comes on for me;)

  2. Erin says:

    Haha, I hear you – it should be interesting to see if their all-stars are my all-stars. The worst part about Project Runway is when the judges all say they love something that is completely. ugly. and horrible!!

  3. April says:

    I just watched it the other day…you're totally right about Molly Sims, and something just seemed 'off' about the whole show. Some cute accessories though!

  4. Erin says:

    I can't remember if Heidi Klum was that way in her first season, but I just can't picture Heidi ever not being…..Heidi. Maybe Molly will warm up to it, who knows! It is the kind of show that I may end up fast forwarding to the challenge and then fast forwarding to the end runway. We'll see if LameTime can pull this one off!

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