Day 27: Those Pearly Whites

Let’s hope they’re pearly, anyway.  Today’s wardrobe essential is your smile.  Never underestimate it’s power.  I’m still amazed at how many people will smile back and even say hi if I just look them in the eyes and smile.  I’ve never had someone not smile back. 
And laughter.  Don’t forget laughter.  Have you ever seen anyone frown and laugh at the same time?
Exhibit A. Me (obviously), laughing while at Cocoa Beach on one of those miraculous winter days where it’s so sunny and warm you wouldn’t believe it was February.  I’m pretty sure the whole state of Florida was at the beach that day, the weather was so gorgeous.  Even the older gentleman in the g-string swimsuit (I now know the difference between a thong and a g-string) couldn’t keep the smiles from our faces.
Exhibit B. I still remember the first time The Mr and I met.  He had this almost-goofy, little-boy grin as he walked up the stairs towards us.  Love at first sight?  I don’t know, but I won’t ever forget that smile!
Advertisement A. Let me also take this opportunity to tout my orthodontist, Dr. Michael Klein.  He’s not paying me for this, I am getting nothing in return, he is just. that. good.  If you live in the Kansas City area, look him up.   You will love him.  Period. 
Long-winded Advertisement B: Whew.  I know this a lot of me “talking” but I just have one more thing to say, I promise!  It seems that more and more often I receive postcards in the mail advertising for free lifetime (legitimate) teeth whitening.  Teeth whitening is great aesthetically, but it isn’t that great for the health of your teeth (and healthy teeth are important, right?)  I would always recommend seeking a professional’s (by which I mean an actual licensed dentist) opinion and have it done under their supervision.  Do a little bit of research, you may find a dentist who not only offers the free whitening, but takes your dental insurance (because that’s how they roll.)  Need a referral or two?  Lenz Family Dental (on the KS side) and Summit Dental (on the MO side.)
All done.  Thanks for listening 🙂


  1. I happen to LOVE Summit Dental myself!

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