Full Skirts + Silk in Color

Another fun skirt to make me super-girly: the full skirt.  Full skirts have been trending and you can find them everywhere.  Except of course, for the color I am always looking for.  Growing up, I could never find exactly what I had envisioned in my mind, and I would always beg my mom to make […]

Tulle Skirts + Princess Tutus

From the moment the Alt Summit schedules were released, my party-outfit-planning ideas ran rampant.  One thing I knew for certain: I had to have a full tulle skirt, not unlike a princess tutu of sorts.  Why did I have to have a tulle skirt?  Why not?  Also, I don’t really have that many opportunities to […]

JukeBoxPrint.com + Why You Will Love Them

I’m attending a huge blog conference this week, and Julie Blanner suggested that I find myself some fabulous business cards just for the event (I needed to update anyway!)  Shortly after she suggested it, the hunt was on.  After some disappointing no’s, frustrating “we need more information’s”, and a couple of eye-popping “$$$”, before I stumbled upon the […]

New Year; New Dreams

I grew up wanting to be a fashion designer.  Life happened and this year my new goal is to become one of the 25 Most Powerful Stylists (it might take awhile, lol!) and dress people for the Red Carpet.  I mean, designer gowns, designer jewelry…….need I say more?    This has been a Fashionista Events opportunity.

A Few of My Favorite Things

The story behind why and how I started blogging about clothing all started with a Google search.  I had an outfit all fantasized in my head and I needed a navy polka-dot button-down top to go with it.  I entered those exact words into my search engine and bam – I didn’t find a single navy […]

Merry Christmas!

Style Your Home

Remember the DIY gold sequin hanger from earlier this week? I found the perfect spot for it: Too subtle for Santa? I was in the middle of a wrestling match in the living room (I was the ref) with my three sons and for one brief moment, time ceased and I thought to myself, “Holy […]

Holiday Gift Guide

You can barely sneeze without finding yourself viewing yet another gift guide.  They come in all shapes and sizes, range in extravagance to budget-saving; there are color-coded gift guides, hobby-related gift guides and everything in between.  There have been pins, blog posts, retailer emails, friendly suggestions, and ideas abound.  Where does one even start (and […]

Wear Your Holiday Dress Year Round

I recently posted a few sequin pieces I have my eye on, over at RedefinedMom.com.  I fell in love with this Starlit Stripe dress from Anthropologie when I tried it on at the November birthday bash I was invited to (even though my birthday is NOT is November?)  Fellow blogger and friend Meg said it […]

Taco Tuesday?

The Mr and I made it down the to Chuy’s for a dinner-date and um.  Stop the presses.  While the food was perfectly delicious (and the portions are mega-sized,) it was the atmosphere that sucked me in to loyalty.  I promise I won’t ever eat at another Mexican (tex-mex or not) restaurant again.  Sitting in […]

Waste of Time Wednesdays: Quality Time on the iPad

Dying with laughter over this app y’all.  It’s not just for girls.  *This is a Fashionista Events opportunity

TripleP #momlife: Just Dance Kids 2014

My seven year old is always upset that every single package that gets delivered is for me (what? I shop online a lot!)  He was beyond excited when one day, finally, the package was for him; he ripped it open and…….. “YESSSSS! (insert fist pump) Now I’ve got One Direction!” Huh?  I didn’t even realize […]

Perfect Fridays: Family, Fun & the Hollywood Wax Museum

A few weekends ago, The Mr and I met up with my sister (The Bio-Statistician) and Her Mr (The Personal Trainer.)  Try to keep up, okay?  Just kidding.  We hit the main strip in Branson, Missouri to check out the Hollywood Wax Museum.  I had no idea what to expect.  First, it’s called a museum; […]

Perfect Fridays: The Perfect Print

The Mr and I were invited to attend the first annual Bell Tower Bash at The Arts Asylum in Kansas City.  If you’ve been a long-time reader of the blog, you may remember the fashion show I attended there last summer. The event included a gallery full of the artwork these children have made during […]

Pretty Mondays: Diana, The Movie

This past week, I was invited to preview the film Diana (released this past weekend.)  I invited a girlfriend along for some good company (this was very important.) The film covered a part of her life I was not expecting – the years after her split and divorce from Prince Charles.  The film was slow […]