Storage & Organization

Last winter I was invited to join a group of women who met each Monday evening, after their kids had all been put to bed, to watch The Bachelor.  I’m pretty easy and basically desperate so of course I would say yes to any opportunity to take a break from all of my day jobs. […]

Polished Pieces

It’s Love Time!  Single, dating, new relationships, old relationships, marriage, whatever your status is, it’s time to celebrate love.  If you’re lucky (and it’s what you were hoping for) then you will end up with a little paper box in varying shapes and colors, filled with sparkly gemstones that have been polished to “Where my sunglasses […]

5 Laundry Room Hacks

I’m starting a (much-needed) laundry room makeover, and I’ve been thinking about the things I need to keep handy, and the things I want to keep hidden behind the cupboard doors.  While I’m using my laundry room to incorporate some major color (emerald-green!) I also want to keep it efficient and streamline a lot of […]

How to Store Your Tulle Skirt

I posted a few weeks ago about the tulle skirt (or princess tutu, whichever you prefer to call it) and that every girl should own one. I wore that skirt, I loved that skirt, and then that skirt threw up all over my house. I had it hanging from one door after another, and The […]

Organize Your Accessories, Part 1

 I love nothing more than accessories; jewels, pearls, golds, sterling silvers, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, you name it.  Organizing my jewelry, especially necklaces and earrings, is another matter!  Coco Chanel is famous for advising that you should take off one accessory before leaving the house.  I say do whatever makes you feel fabulous (unless that […]