Kansas City Car Show

I am a professional shopper by trade. I’ve spent countless amounts of time on websites like shoppok to try and find some bargains. I know how to maximize my time and resources to do the most effective shopping for the maximum amount of people in the least amount of time. Did that confuse you? (I’m […]

Kansas City Fashion Week

In honor of all things Pretty, Polished, and Perfect,  I’ve decided create awards for this season’s Kansas City Fashion Week: PPPxKCFW Fashion Awards (golden trophies coming soon.)  I didn’t get a chance to attend every show, so these are the winners based on the Thursday and Saturday night shows: KCFW Jewelry/Accessories Category: Georgina Herrera (this […]

Living Room Ideas

Last week I attended a rather swanky party for the new RH Gallery (Leawood, KS.) Hosted by the Chairman & CEO of RH himself, Gary Friedman, benefiting the Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City, with live performances by Larkin Poe and a DJ set by Rob Garza, this was easily the event of the summer season! […]

Boho Chic // 5 Tips

Boho-Chic // 5 Tips We moved in late spring last year and this summer finds my family in a new neighborhood, at new schools, and on new sports teams.  This also finds me, as the mother, now feeling the desperate urge to make friends with everyone.  In an attempt to expedite the friendship making process, […]

Home Opener // MLB

I’ll be 100% honest: The Kansas City Royals haven’t been on my radar since the 80s (yes, I am that young – wink); Backtrack to 2014, when suddenly they were in the World Series. My closet was full of royal blue (one of my favorite colors to wear) but nothing that was “game-wear” approved because […]

Red + Lavender // KCFW

What goes better with a red dress than a nude lip and dark eye (two of Ulta’s top spring beauty trends)?!  Red and lavender, that’s what.  It’s an unusual color combination, but in the right hues, it really works!  I am in love with this Erin Fetherston Chiffon dress, and I cannot lie: I love, […]

The Bloom Academy

Spring is officially here, and I’m finding it difficult to patiently wait for the last frost before I spend a fortune on spring blooms.  Flowers are a two-way street for me.  While they are beautiful and fragrant and their own brand of therapy, they can also be expensive.  Expensive is nothing new to me – […]


I made it back from Spring Break just in time to catch the final runway show for KCFW Fall/Winter 2015.  There were a few designers I was disappointed I missed from earlier in the week, but there were a few designers I was glad to be catching this season: Architexture: Definitely true to their aesthetic, […]


The Litte Black Dress (that’s worth every cent) It’s KCFW this week, and there is nothing I love more than a dresscode (the only time I’m willing to be overlook being told what to do lol!)  In other news, after seeing the pictures I’m thinking I need to let the hem out on this one……..time […]

Bohemian Maxi

It’s finally warm outside, and all I want to do is wear airy, white summer dresses.  I’ve seen the white bohemian maxi look on Pinterest, in magazines and in retail stores, in lace, gauzy cottons and detailed embroideries; I can’t get enough of them!  The cost of real lace (hand-made, intricate works of art) is […]

West 18th Street Fashion Show

I wasn’t in town for last year’s West 18th Street Fashion Show (held at the Kansas City Public Library due to inclement weather), but based on the small glimpses inside the show I was able to find via social media – it looked amazing!  I could not miss this year, not with so many designers I […]

West 18th St. Fashion Show

Wild Summer, West 18th Street Fashion Show – 2016 The team behind West 18th Street’s annual fashion show has announced the theme for 2016: Wild Summer. The invitation reads, “This year’s theme, Wild Summer, debuts the sixteenth year of the West 18th Street Fashion Show on June 11th, 2016. A season inspired by rebellion and […]

An Asylum

*Please note, additional photos can be found on facebook. I arrive with barely enough time to take a seat, catching the tail-end of young boys and girls break-dancing to the encouragement of DJ Leonightus;  a young girl crying over her lost chance to dance.  The DJ’s reply? “Yeah, I cry too when I don’t get […]

KC Social: Madewell Event 7/15

Fellow Kansas Citians, If you can make it, be sure to RSVP to ChasingDavies(at)gmail(dot)com or on Facebook.  Feel free to thank her for coordinating this fabulous opportunity to shop the new arrivals at a discount (wink, wink)!  Hope to see you there!p.s. Have you entered the Triple P Giveaway yet?

Kansas City Social: Marathon-ish Edition!

Holidays, sales, warm weather?  Yes, please (and it’s about time!) The Legends Outlets Kansas City is my first stop.  It might also be my last.  I made up a list of the stores I absolutely had to hit and it might be a bit marathon-ish: (Remember when I said I like to make fun of […]