Bruges Belgium

My family and I spent this past summer on holiday in Europe (or as we Americans tend to call it, vacation.)  We took a little roadtrip to Amsterdam (because, hello Holland – which you can read about here) and on the way back detoured through Belgium (because, hello Bruges and hello waffles!)  We found the […]

Sundance Style

Before we left for Salt Lake City, we (Julie Blanner and I) spent several hours planning out what we would wear for Alt Summit, the parties and what to wear to Sundance (it never hurts to be too prepared!)  We had decided to stay an extra day and attend the legendary Sundance Film Festival – […]

Handbags Large and Small

I was recently perusing the handbags at a TJ Maxx (the best selection I had seen ever!) and I came across this gorgeous colored handbag. I had been looking at these handbags because I wanted to add a new handbag to use as an alternative to my good old leather handbag. If you want your […]