‘Swagger’ + a Giveaway

Life seems to be as constantly changing as fashion and it’s trends.  One minute I’m a young girl dreaming of becoming a fashion designer and the next I’m standing in my 11 year-old’s bathroom blinking rapidly as I try to understand the contradicting misnomers he calls “His Hairstyle.”  I’m new to the world of pre-teen […]

50 Shades of Liptstick

It’s finally heating up; you know, the kind of heat that makes my curls untamable and frizzy (cue headscarves!)  Not a problem you suffer from?  Count your lucky stars.  Either way, its heating up and the thought of even wearing something as simple as a belt has me breaking out in hives.   I once read […]

The Hairless Wonder that is Woman

It’s finally warming up (again), and the lazy days of hairy legs are over; I’m sure The Mr is pleased with this.    It’s also the time of year to spend hours perusing the entire aisle devoted to hair removal.  Which razor do I choose?  Do I go with the offensively gimmicky pearly pinks and purples?  […]

Recycled Fibers: Repreve Green Beanie

When I was asked to review Repreve’s Green Beanie, made from recycled fiber, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. These recycled fibers (made from recycled plastic bottle products) make it easy to #TurnItGreen with things we can wear and use on a daily basis. In elementary school, we would spend the entire month of April […]

How To: Up-dos, Hair-dos

I named this blog after the style I’m looking for – all things pretty, polished and perfect.  I find them, but rarely do I ever achieve the Triple P status.  (Most likely due to bad hair days and muffin tops.) My bad hair day go-to?  The Donut (Doughnut?) Bun.  The Sock Bun, minus the sock, […]