Rose Lemonade

Several years ago, I tried a slice of Champagne Cake that was being served during a work party. It was Absolutely Fabulous (like the movie!) It was chilled (I don’t know if that was because like champagne, it’s meant to be served chilled or if it simply hadn’t been allowed enough time to properly come […]

DIY Sequin Hanger

I’ve seen these gold sequin hangers around for awhile now and I finally decided I had to have one.  Ever the glutton for punishment, I decided I could easily make my own DIY sequin hanger.  I thought I would document it for any other people who love to make their own things:  DIY Sequin Hanger […]

Goodbye Winter.

I realize this post would have been slightly more appropriate on Tuesday (you know, the first day of Spring?) but I’m so behind I completely forgot that yesterday was my blog’s one year anniversary!  What?!? Earrings: H&M Jacket: H&M Top: H&M Necklace & Bracelets: Target Skirt: JCrew Outlet Shoes: Walmart Yes.  My shoes are from […]