Day to Night The most versatile things in your closet can be elevated by the switch of a shoe. From wearing sneakers to heels and taking this outfit day to night, this is one of my favorite outfits right now. I can add a scarf or a jacket when it gets cooler, and with a […]


I have an older brother.  That sentence right there should tell you everything you need to know; he teased me relentlessly, I had a crush on every single one of his friends and he was totally embarrassed by me.  After being tortured by him for years, I realized one day that his initials are in […]

Jeans + White Tee

One of my favorite things: white shirts.  Button-downs, menswear, ruffled, basic t-shirts, you name it and I love white shirts + summer.  White shouldn’t only be for summer though – and forgot the old adage “Don’t wear white after Labor Day”, that no longer applies.  The other day, I wore these new pair of American […]

50 Shades of Liptstick

It’s finally heating up; you know, the kind of heat that makes my curls untamable and frizzy (cue headscarves!)  Not a problem you suffer from?  Count your lucky stars.  Either way, its heating up and the thought of even wearing something as simple as a belt has me breaking out in hives.   I once read […]

Day 4: Trendy (cheap) vs. Timeless (the real deal)

Have you all heard of GroopDealz?  Aside from the fact that I will get $5 in credit if you sign up and spend $20*, this website usually features at least one knockoff item from store favorites Anthropologie and J. Crew.  Occasionally there will be shoutouts to other stores, including Nordstrom.  Even I was tempted by […]

Day 2: Are Leggings Pants?

No.  They aren’t.  See this post on meggings for a quick laugh (or at least a smile.) My rule of thumb is this:  Proportion is everything.  Incorrect proportions can make you too tall, short, or wide, too thin or too fat, pear shaped and sometimes upside-down pear shape (is there a name for that shape?) […]

Organize Your Accessories, Part 1

 I love nothing more than accessories; jewels, pearls, golds, sterling silvers, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, you name it. Especially after a friend of mine recommended I looked into something like the Jacobs The Jeweller store online, I became even more obsessed with looking for high quality jewellery. Saying this though, this doesn’t mean you have […]