Tip No. 27: Confidence is key Confidence can make all the difference in the world.  I once walked past someone who exclaimed, “oh that look is so perfect, but only someone like you can pull that off!”  Wrong.  Anyone who has the confidence to do something can pull it off. I get my confidence from […]


Tip No. 24 THERE IS AN EXCEPTION TO EVERY RULE (wear that cardigan) I just finished reading a babble article about the do’s and dont’s of wearing cardigans.  First, I wish I lived in California.  Second, this article is the perfect example of why personal stylists exist: basic principles are just that – they don’t […]

Pretty Mondays: The New Denim + Tennis Shoes

I was finishing up a cycle class last week, when my cycle instructor told me she loves my Facebook posts about fashion. She then said she needed ideas on what to wear after the gym – where she primarily picks up her son from school and then does the “mom” thing (the “mom” thing is […]

How To: Launder Your Closet

I think it might have been the holes I ended up wearing in my favorite pants that prompted my fanaticism with the proper care and handling of clothing.  For as long as I can remember, I have washed my clothing in cold water and hung them to air-dry. My mother once saw this magazine at […]

How To: Closet Spaces

This is a fun post – I get to show you a bunch of fantasy closets (see more here) that I wish I had! Before I do, I want to make a few points about closets: 1.  Closets should always be organized and clean.  How can you look your best if you can’t find your […]

How To: Hair Turbans

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  On a good day, I’m secretly grateful I have natural curls.  On a bad day……well, I’m sure you can guess how I feel in the humidity.       I’ve read books (actually, just this one.)  It was interesting, but in the end it wasn’t helpful.  I’ve […]

How To: Up-dos, Hair-dos

I named this blog after the style I’m looking for – all things pretty, polished and perfect.  I find them, but rarely do I ever achieve the Triple P status.  (Most likely due to bad hair days and muffin tops.) My bad hair day go-to?  The Donut (Doughnut?) Bun.  The Sock Bun, minus the sock, […]

How To: The Scarf

Yesterday I mentioned turtlenecks and boatnecks (and a giveaway.)  Those types of collars are not for everyone – they can make a neck look wider and shorter.  A great alternative to a fabulous necklace or neckline is a scarf.  Useful for disguising and hiding, warmth and to draw the eye upward, scarves have the most […]

How To: Necklaces + A Triple P Giveaway

I didn’t use to be a big fan of necklaces.  I’ve worn a ring on every finger (ten rings at a time,)  I’ve worn enough bracelets to make my wrist hurt (all at one time,) but it wasn’t until the past few years that I’ve started getting into necklaces. My personal guidelines (this means they […]

How To: Necklines

There are of course, a large variety of necklines, but I wanted to focus on three or four of the more common types for tops and t-shirts. I myself prefer the boatneck, as it tends to make your neck look more slender.  Of course, I also have a small chest, so really any shirt works […]

How To: Wear Bracelets

Let’s talk bracelets.  Yesterday I mentioned that I like my jackets and sleeves to bare a little bit of wrist – it’s my own version of modestly showing some skin, lol!  While I don’t really have man-wrists, I also don’t have petite delicate wrists.  J. Crew has some really fabulous (and hugely popular) wrist candy […]

How To: Wear Blazers, Jackets and Tuxedos

 I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m attempting to style you from the floor up.  After sleeves comes jackets – but mostly because I want to include a blurb about the sleeve length and styling of jackets. The Europeans have long thought showing the wrist was sexy.  I agree (and I’m not European.)  In […]

How To: Wear Sleeves

Sometimes I die laughing at these titles.  But just in case someone googles “How to wear sleeves”…….. I saw a bloggy friend the other day and asked her what she thought of my 31 days posts.  She said she was enjoying them, mentioning the posts she enjoyed and the posts she didn’t get much out […]

Sleeves, The Long and Short of it.

I’m on a field to The Big Red Barn (I’m sure there was a lot of thought that went into that name……) with one of my sons today.  In the spirit of school and learning, I wanted to share with you some illustrations from my college days (from my big spiral bound sketch-pad of fashion): […]

Handbags Large and Small

I was recently perusing the handbags at a TJ Maxx (the best selection I had seen ever!) and I came across this gorgeous colored handbag. I had been looking at these handbags because I wanted to add a new handbag to use as an alternative to my good old leather handbag. If you want your […]