Bruges Belgium

My family and I spent this past summer on holiday in Europe (or as we Americans tend to call it, vacation.)  We took a little roadtrip to Amsterdam (because, hello Holland – which you can read about here) and on the way back detoured through Belgium (because, hello Bruges and hello waffles!)  We found the city within the walls, squeezed our American minivan into one of Europe’s compact parking spaces and walked to the city square.  If you want to spend some time away of your own in a city like Bruges, you might want to look into dover dunkirk ferries as this could be the easiest way for you to reach the city at an affordable cost.

Bruges, Belgium in summer.

The city center was lined with beautiful shops, oozing old-warm charm and that elegance that graces European in an effortless way.  We saw mass amounts of chocolate (some in shapes that were a bit rated X if you know what I mean) and went back and forth on which shop had the best chocolate.  

Love love in honor ~ Bruges, Belgium #dutch

Let’s just say there’s a translating app and I used it.  I loved learning the different languages – this says, loosely translated “love love in honer.”  We ran in circles trying to find what tripadvisor claims was the best hot chocolate in all of Belgium (and maybe the world.)  It was definitely hole-in-the-wall and reeked of German with it’s earthy, wooden decor – a far cry of the French Laduree we’d just been in, with it’s delicate china.  It was the best hot chocolate I’ve tasted in my life.  Even their disposable paper cups had class.

Layers in Bruges, Belgium.

As we were leaving the city, I took a right when I should’ve taken a left and my lovely American GPS took me down the most incredible brick-paved and cobblestoned lanes I’d ever seen.  I mean, Anne of Green Gables meets Europe.  The bricks and stones were steeped in romanticism.  I was in heaven and so of course we got out to take pictures!  The reality of it was that I was most likely standing on this farmer’s property, totally trespassing like an American tourist.  Yeah, sorry about that.

Cobblestone lanes in Bruges, Belgium.

I spent most of my time in this cozy maxi dress (perfect for layering in cooler climates like Amsterdam!), mostly for the versatility of the varying weather changes.

Layers in Bruges, Belgium.

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and one for the road:

American tourist in Belgium. #Bruges



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