Breakfast in Bed

When I think of luxury (thank you very much I think of warm, cozy beds, and lazily lying in them while the sun slowly filters in through the curtains.  Maybe my five year-old joins us for morning snuggles; maybe my eight year-old will try to join us as well.  Then fighting will ensue and we will kick them out because we are starting to forget how much we love them again.  I think of perfect peaches and european truffles.  I think leather and diamonds.  I think of cashmere pajamas, bathrobes and slippers.  And sleep.  Lots and lots of sleep.  Maybe fancy sleep masks with tasseled ear plugs, a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  If I’m very lucky, someone else will make breakfast and, if I’ve been very good this year – maybe even breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in bedI remember a road-trip I embarked upon towards the East coast, with my father in tow.  I was young and very stupid, but very brave.  I only had one small baby and I knew I could conquer the world.  We arrived at my sister’s home very late that first night, and I distinctly remember briefly waking up to hear her sush-ing her children and reminding them to let us sleep in.  After an hour of trying to keep their contagious excitement beyond the door, they burst with a tray of home-made breakfast (with freshly squeezed juice and warm baked goods.)  Um. I. loved. every. minute. of. it.  She’s still an amazing mother and hostess, and I f course, am no longer that young, I’m still very stupid, and my nieces and nephews aren’t nearly as  impressed with me, lol!

Breakfast in bed

I will never forget that visit, and this holiday season, as guests start arriving, I would love nothing more than to offer them breakfast-in-bed!  I’ve decided I might start staying at my Father’s when the siblings come to visit.  I’m missing out on all the late night games and laughter.  And Father making us breakfast.  It’s just so hard not to sleep in my own comfortable bed (I mean it’s pure luxury to me, just ask my sister-in-law The Nurse!) when the home isn’t even a mile from my own.  I’m trying to convince The Mr it’s time to move!

Breakfast in bed

5 Tips for Hosting Guests this Holiday Season

  • Freshly-squeezed juice

If you can do this, do this.  None of that frozen-from-concentrate stuff.  I once had oranges cut straight from my sister’s orange trees in Arizona.  It had gotten cold enough overnight that the oranges were just chilled, and with no juicer, we just cut the oranges in slices and noisily sucked the juice out of them; it was messy and  I loved every minute of it!  They were amazing.  So is my sister.

  • Carbs

Bbecause every wants one right?  I mean, donuts.  Of course, keep in mind the dietary necessities of your guests 😉

  • Trays

I can’t get enough of trays.  They don’t stack or store well, but you can use them for so many things – coffee table trays with fresh flowers and books, breakfast-in-bed trays, dining room centerpieces, lightroom boxes (say what?!) and more.  Like colored glass, I just can’t help but waste spend my money on them!

  • Laughter

I know, it’s super-cheesy and all touchy-feely, but seriously, laughter is the best medicine!  Am I right (you need to say those words all close together like amiright?!)

  • Fresh Flowers

I just bought a bunch of (somethings) from the local club the other day.  They lasted all week and were amazing.  I had 5 bud vases placed around my home for under $8!

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

What do you think of when you think of luxury?

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Looking for great ways to add little bits of luxury to your guests stay (or even just for yourself?)  I love this serving tray, all of these fun milk/juice containers and of course – these vases.

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  1. Amy Kariotis says:

    Luxury makes me think of shopping in Paris, cashmere and taking long bubble baths with wine 😉

  2. Mandy says: The wine cork lazy susan would be great for holiday parties!

  3. Mandy says:

    I love this wine cork lazy susan. Breat for holiday parties.

  4. Megan says:
  5. Lorie S says:

    My sister is coming for a few days to celebrate Christmas. Because of this post, I am totally inspired to have my boys make her breakfast in bed!

  6. Andrea Darst says:
  7. Andrea Darst says:
  8. Laura Wilson says:
  9. I love the red kitchenaid mixer,
    It’s not needed but it’s too pretty not to have in the kitchen during the holidays!

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