The Grateful Table

One of my favorite memories from visiting Turkey was an incredible dinner we had late one night in Goreme, bohemian style, after exploring the local museum.  It embodied every part of Turkey that I loved – the casual pace, the simplicity, the art in the variety of mismatched décor.  We sat on the patio, in the perfect weather, enjoying one another’s company and sampling the local foods.  We ate until our stomachs were full, laughed until our cheeks hurt and sat closer as the evening grew cool.  I’ve been waiting months to try to bring back that moment with these fun bohemian table settings.

Unique place settings that you probably already have in your cupboard

I wanted to bring a small part of that small bohemian moment home with me – with these Turkish bowls my sister and I scoured Istanbul for.  The setting wouldn’t be complete without a variety of elements, in different textures and colors; I added muted colors, and bright colors and everything in between; a local grocery store had their roses on sale for less than a dollar a stem; the napkin rings are leftover paper from a friend’s recent home makeover; having place settings only for four, I added two more settings with contrasting colors and curves; the rose vase is actually a votive candle holder, making do as a centerpiece. 

The Grateful Table on #holiday #tablescape #bohemian #Turkey #Cappadocia

I clearly need advice on how the heck you keep your glassware from getting gross and streaky.  Is it my dishwasher? The detergent? I hate being an adult sometimes!

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I can’t resist bright and bold colors!  I love how these colors turned out, but I’m still on the hunt for the perfect red cup.  Maybe these Mediterranean wine tumblers from  I think they’d be perfect for any bohemian table setting!

black & gold on #holiday #tablescape #bohemian #Turkey #Cappadocia

gold flatware // placemats // votive candle holders // glass bottles // dinnerware set // decorative bowls

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blue & red on #holiday #tablescape #bohemian #Turkey #Cappadocia

gray & gold on #holiday #tablescape #bohemian #Turkey #Cappadocia

blue & black on #holiday #tablescape #bohemian #Turkey #Cappadocia

Of course, after some debate we’ve decided to have Thanksgiving at my sister’s home in Missouri…….maybe next year?  Maybe Christmas?  Or…….Friendsgiving?  This would be a great table setting for a Friendsgiving!

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I don’t know what to call this table setting. Bohemian? Sure, why not.  Let’s officially dub it my Bohemian Place Setting.  

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