And The Oscar Goes To…..

Best Designer:  Christian MICHEAL 
If any of Kansas City’s designers want to audition for the next Project Runway, it should be him.  Anyone will tell you that referencing a time-period when designing your clothing can make the collection appear “costume-y.”  Christian Micheal found the perfect balance between the throwback to an era gone by, and what a modern man would (and should) wear.  Congratulations, Christian, on a job well done (and your gratitude for your pregnant wife was so endearing!)
Best Theatrical Performance: Evil Pawn Jewelry
I said it in my first review, and I will say it again: not only was the jewelry indicative of major talent (she has more talent than all of the contestants on Project Accessory combined,) but the theatrics of the show created a story that stirred something in us all.  I can’t wait to see more from Faith Evangeline in the future! 
Best Color: Haus Designs
I loved every single color that came down that runway – it was difficult to narrow it down to which pictures I wanted to use for Monday’s Review.  She used such a wide range of colors and still managed to keep the collection cohesive.  Missouri is lucky to claim her as own of its’ own!
Hands down.  So good, I might become a client. 
See Tuesday’s Review for my two favorite looks. 
At any major event, a camera will often pan the crowd.  Especially if your bare chest is painted, you are standing on your head, or you are doing something embarrassing (like picking your nose.)
So I panned the crowd and found:
Best Style from the Audience (Menswear):

Best Style from the Audience (Runner-Up, Menswear): If for nothing other than his expression….

Best Stand Out Style from the Audience (besides Balloon Girl on the Red Carpet):
Best Accessories from the Audience (if I had been crowned anything, I would never leave home without my crown either):

Best Media from the Audience (haha):

That is me and Louise LeMans, Kansas City Blogger and Pinup (she’s the pinup, not me)
Best Moment from the Audience (here’s hoping that’s his sister….):

Best Embarrassing Moment from the Audience (the guy sitting in front of me.  Playing a game on his phone.  In the middle of a show.  It might not be embarrassing to him, but I’m embarrassed that we are from the same city.  Sorry cell phone guy, but maybe you should have stayed home):

A huge thank you to the team behind Kansas City Fashion Week (follow that link for more runway pictures as well as red carpet photos!):

It was a great success. 
Now please excuse me while I put on my snob hat; might I suggest a dress code (denim, sweats and Uggs?? No.) and a code of conduct (those woman in the front row who had the audacity to find their seats after the show had already started?? No.  The women cat-calling to the shirtless men?? No.  This isn’t a Chippendales show!)  Kansas City-ians – Kansas City won’t be on the map for the right reasons if we can’t be……(for lack of a better word) cool.  Let’s make Kansas City great!
 p.s. This is what I wore (and what Bubble Girl Katelyn Payne wore):


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    What a great event! I really did like the preview of the colours from Haus Designs, I'll have to check them out further.

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