An Asylum

*Please note, additional photos can be found on facebook.
I arrive with barely enough time to take a seat, catching the tail-end of young boys and girls break-dancing to the encouragement of DJ Leonightus;  a young girl crying over her lost chance to dance.  The DJ’s reply? “Yeah, I cry too when I don’t get to dance.”

The show starts with Ginger Bow Tie, complete with modern-day pantaloons, updated capes and a bomber vest worthy of Mrs. Captain America.

Not to be beaten, Jessy Bergman sends out her first model; images of Miss Hannigan in all her pearl-and-lingerie-wearing, bathtub-water-drinking glory come to mind. 
Little Shell Designs steps up to the plate with feminine details that could rival Kate Spade (that’s a compliment.)
We take a short break to learn about KRUMP from Silent Empire; Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise, but it means so much more – and only by dancing or watching it can you begin to understand it’s purpose. Be sure to adjust your volume accordingly…..

Embracing the urban feel, Sablu “ka-pows” the spectators with denim cut-offs, replete with patches including my own favorite: the infamous Rolling Stones tongue.  And the jacket I would purchase straight off the runway:

and yes, I somehow feel un-patriotic loving this jacket during the Olympics. Alas, fashion waits for no man….
*Michelle Kleineweber of Little Shell Designs brings us back to earth with femininity and yes, macramé.

* These photos were incorrectly attributed to Linda Pop, but they are the work of Michelle Kleineweber of Little Shell Designs.
WM Couture steps it up with feathers and see-through shrugs:

No Human Intentions wows us with incredible detail and threatrics:

Ziaha Marie competes with Donna Karan (another compliment) with her easy-to-wear pieces that convert from shirtdress, to a Marilyn Monroe-worthy halter dress:

Inner Hippie inspired our own inner hippie with tie-dyed denim and wowing us with a show-stopper of a dress:

And saving the best for last, we have House of Cochon, designed by the talented Amanda Burkhart.  I love her collection for not only the pieces, but the theatrics – we are being told a story – and it is a great story.  Whimsical, alluring, lovable.  You could see that the models loved what they were wearing.  Isn’t that the point?  Shouldn’t we all love what we are wearing.  The love continued after the show – they are the last models to change (and in fact, they may not have even changed at all!)

It’s the end of the evening, and I follow Kat down below where models are changing and leaving for the night (did I mention the air conditioner isn’t working?)  Kat and I talk for a few minutes, take some snapshots of the models who are most reluctant to relinquish their runway items, and I head back upstairs in search of more “press” material. 

As I sit on the outside stoop of this amazing (and ancient) building, surrounded by people of every age, race, size and shape, I fall in love with Kansas City all over again.  This feels like home.  I could’ve stayed all night.  A piece of my heart now lies on the stoop of the Arts Asylum building.   

If you like what you see here or you were in attendance at any of the shows, please go to and write your own reviews or simply rate the show(s) you attended.  I thoroughly enjoyed this show and hope to see it get bigger and better every year – something you can help with!  Visit for more information. 

I’m looking for names to go with these faces – contact me if you can help!


  1. Emily Brattin says:

    Very nice article with lovely photos! (Just wanted to point out one misattribution though. The macramé piece you attributed to Linda Pop is actually one of Michelle Kleineweber's of 'Little Shell Designs'.)

  2. aww sad i missed it! must go next year!!

  3. stunning,love it,love it…the fashion is just so awesome,love the images…love your blog xo

  4. Styleonthecouch says:

    I think I need that Union Jack jacket 🙂 Lots of interesting back detail here – a theme for fall perhaps?

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