Alter Egos

Lili of Relatable Style is hosting a link-up of bloggers and their alter egos.  Here’s my little mash-up of my own personal styles – A little bit edgy, a little bit sporty, a little bit playful and a little bit classic:

Clockwise from the top left:
Have you got any alter egos?


  1. I love your hair in the umbrella picture! I have naturally curly hair too, and I think it's much easier to style when it's straight. But…on a good hair day, curly hair is the best!

  2. RelatableStyle says:

    Hi Erin, thank you for participating in my little FBFF idea! Love your pictures, it's cool that you already documented so many sides of yourself 🙂 I kept mine well-hidden until then, haha!

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