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I’m a terrible procrastinator.  I know you aren’t ever supposed to lead with negativity, but Lord bless my soul I am the worst with procrastination – like white on rice, people (except for that part where now we eat brown rice…..)

Enter exhibit A: we moved over two years ago and I have finally just now committed to this nice clean (for now!) shoe storage. I love a lot of things about this home, but one thing I would change in a heartbeat is the lack of a mudroom. Not only is there no romantic mudroom to store my Hunter boots, there is literally nowhere to go when you enter our home through the garage; you can hang a quick right and go up the back staircase or enter into the kitchen. I don’t want a pile of shoes in either of those spots.  We have been using an old storage bench from our last home that just does not fit in the allocated space.  It’s taken me 2+ years (and a little nudge from Wayfair.com) to finally commit to something more suitable for our open hallway (it runs right past the dining room.)  

It has a little shelf to collect all my crap set up a pretty little vignette. The lamp is purely for show, guys.  We screwed this bad boy right into the wall (notice it only has two legs? Grrrr.) and covered up the only outlet (I do what I have to do), telling ourselves we’d move the outlet over a few inches…..another day (maybe in 2 more years, am I right?!) I added this durable Elle Decor Collection accent rug Home Dynamix, put up a plant (don’t you love this basket?) and called it a day.  I’m sure I will switch up this little vignette many times over the next few years, but it’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to add changes or updates to your home.  

How do you organize your utilitarian spaces? (I mean, does anyone see the nerf bullet in the middle of the floor?! My whole house is utilitarian. #boymom)

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At the beginning of the season I styled a vintage popcorn stand with plants.  I loved getting my hands dirty with planting soil, it smells so good!  It smells healthy (lol, is that even a thing?)  Since then, we’ve (almost!) completed a kitchen renovation; it has been the project from h-e-double-hockeysticks!  The backsplash was a nightmare, but thanks to an awesome tiler (what is the word, guys?) and a little mistake, it got started, got taken down, and started from scratch.  With glass tiles.  I don’t know if you’ve had any experience with glass tiles but they kind of suck.  Don’t get me wrong – they. look. amazing.  There are all these special techniques and products and in the end, you can see shadows where the grout didn’t fill in the gaps (grrr, but you really have to be examining it with a magnifying glass to notice.) And they were super difficult to cut.  However, I love it.  I am so happy with my kitchen!  I want to reveal just a small part of it, because we still have the light fixtures to pick out and install, and if I’ve learned one thing in my lifetime, it’s this: lighting is everything. This could also be super cute in a girl’s bedroom or a luxury master bath, or where space is limited like a dorm room – every room needs a living plant! Also, bear with me as I learn how to photograph the interior of my home (grimace emoji.)



home decor

get your own cotton candy planter at wayfair.com here, and the awesome Zephyr hood here 

home decor

home decor

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We’ve been working on our kitchen renovation for an entire year now.  We have hit hurdle after hurdle after hurdle after……you guessed it, hurdle.  To take my mind off of all the stress and problems, I’ve been finding small ways to update my home that are not only affordable (darn The Mr and his budget!)  I distracted myself this winter with some updates on my french door handles with crystal knobs (vintage-style, of course!)  I only have so many door knobs I can update, so I’m back to a long-term project (not the kitchen.)  Since we’ve moved in, I’ve been collecting and growing indoor plants and trees; I want my home to be an oasis.  I believe in the power of real plants and trees, both for purifying the air and for their color.  I’ve killed a few plants (fiddle-leaf figs are the worst!), I’ve excitedly watch as new foliage comes in, I’ve spray-painted planters, gotten dirt all over the house, worried about leaving my plants while on vacation (they are like my babies!) and everything in between.  A while ago, I ran across these beautiful photos and fell in love with the idea!  I was ready to jump on the bar cart wagon (pardon the pun) and was searching high and low for a beautiful, but budget-friendly, bar cart to fulfill all my plant-filled, living room dreams.  After never finding the right bar cart, and wanting to be different, Wayfair.com sent an email that was the answer to my planter prayers.  I was given a budget and the rest of it was up to me.  I scoured the website looking for just the right thing and you guys!  Let me let these photos speak for themselves:

Unique Home Decor ideas via PrettyPolishedPerfect.com

The above photo is when I was placing the plants to see where I wanted everything to go (so please forgive the tape and packaging.) Not shown?  The thirty other plants I had bought because they were so beautiful and I needed to play around with just the right plantings.  I knew the popcorn machine I had wasn’t going to be air-tight (water was dribbling out of the sides when I “watered” it) so I ended up planting Pratia (a ground cover plant that will bloom small purple blossoms and loves to spread out!) followed with some Japanese Spurge to add some height, inside a 3″ deep cake pan, 10″ x 10″.  I couldn’t leave the shelf empty, so I planted some Golden Pothos in plastic popcorn containers (and I can’t wait for those beauties to start weaving their way down the popcorn machine!) I’d love to tell you what the flowers are in the popcorn popper, but I lost the tag (sorry – but if you happen to know what it is, will you email me or leave a comment below? Thanks!)

I’d love to hear what unique items you use for planters!

This post is brought to you by Wayfair.com, and while you can view a few items to make your own planters on this idea board, all opinions and ideas are my own!

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Waldorf Crystal Door Knob in Antique Brass

I think it is nearly impossible to notice every detail when you purchase a new home.  One of the first things I saw when the realtor opened the door of this home was the french doors to the office on the main floor, but I didn’t really pay any attention to the doorknobs; the cheap, basic silver doorknobs that are actually dummy doorknobs, as in they have no inner workings – no latching or locking mechanisms. The strikeplate is mounted on the underside of the upper door frame and the latches are rolling mechanisms that glide back and forth with a slight of hand.  It took me two years and switching out the door knobs to realize this, and I’m bummed because now I feel like I have cheap doors (I’m sitting in my bathrobe typing this with my grumpy face on.)  It took a little bit of work (thank goodness they were there to help me order the right door handle! Who knew it could be so hard?!)  In a perfect world, The Mr would have drilled me a legit door handle template.  I found out very recently that he hates (that was his word exactly) this type of thing.  I had to settle for him boring terribly ugly holes just for the keyhole (whatever, the plate covers it and I colored the inside with black marker.) While it might not be a fancy 10 foot antique door, I still love how these Waldorf Passage door knobs in antique brass really add some warmth that reflects the light streaming in with a skin-just-warmed-from-the-sun kind of feeling.

Waldorf Crystal Door Knob in Antique Brass

The set came with a silver (chrome) finish so I spray painted it a semi-gloss black and attached a tassel (a few dollars at my local craft store) for that extra touch of glam (that I’m sure my nieces and nephew will destroy within minutes lol!)  I also clearly need to wash my windows (I despise cleaning.)

Waldorf Crystal Door Knob in Antique Brass

Next on my list is to renovate the inside of the office.  We will be putting in hardwood floors this summer, and in the meantime, I’ll be looking for the perfect rug, a couch and a new desk – as well as some art work for all that blank wall space!

Waldorf Crystal Door Knob in Antique Brass


If you’re looking to update your knobs (haha) there are a few things you will want to take note of (that I was not paying any attention to, but thank goodness Nostalgic Warehouse was!)  First, read all the information listed – that backset stuff is actually super important to get right.  You can find out useful information on any hardware site.  


  1. Haha! You sound like me talking about my husband… I too call my significant other the mister on my site. I did not have to drill holes, but I had to make the hole for the barrel a bit larger. I really like how the antique gold looks on your french doors. It adds character in a way normal plain door knobs do not. the tassels liven it up a bit and can easily be changed in accordance to the season or decor. I love it!

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