I have an older brother.  That sentence right there should tell you everything you need to know; he teased me relentlessly, I had a crush on every single one of his friends and he was totally embarrassed by me.  After being tortured by him for years, I realized one day that his initials are in fact, BRA.  I took some small comfort in that during my awkward adolescent years……right up until we became friends (it was like a Christmas miracle people, I kid you not!); I still wonder if he uses all three initials when initializing important documents.  But I digress – today’s tip (and I realize now I probably should have led with this one) is all about undergarments, specifically bra types.  Bras, love them or hate them, are just as important to dressing as our clothing and accessories are.  The way a bra fits, supports, lifts, covers, holds those suckers in (or not, oops!) is just another fun thing we get to learn the finer nuances of as we hit puberty and then move on to our adult lives (hopefully with awesome boobs, right?!)  

Favorite fits (and proper fits too!) on PrettyPolishedPerfect.com

My favorite is the description for demi.  I was not lucky there.   I have nothing, I think that is what they politely stated in the description.  I mean that literally.  Sports bras?  What for?!  The only thing bouncing uncomfortably when I run is my derriere.  haha (but really, it does kinda hurt, that jiggle-jiggle.)  Most of my friends either complain about them being too large, and many have actually had breast reductions (if only I could have some!)  I suppose the grass is always greener.  Except in my yard.  I don’t have a yard.

My Favorite Bras

  • Demi (because well, it’s sexy) but especially the t-shirt bras.
  • Multi-way (because it’s always cheaper to be prepared – see what I did there. lol)
  • The Push-Up (even though I will never have va-va-voom anything.)

Yay, isn’t it wonderful to be a woman?!   some places offer free measuring by “certified” fitters, other places (mostly online) will scream at you to avoid those places because apparently they are doing it all wrong, and let’s face it: standing in a bra (or topless) while someone measures your lady parts is about as much as fun as having the inside of your nose waxed (no really, people do this!)  Unless of course you were blessed with awesome breasts and then hey!  Stand up straight and have those puppies measured with pride (something I will never get to do, so do it for me, okay?)

I’ve found some other useful infographs at aerie.com if you aren’t interested in the one-on-one nude sesh with a “certified” fitter.  After all, you know your body better than anyone else.  

A few other helpful hints:

  1. Don’t ever wash your bra in hot water (I know, the urge to do so is strong)
  2. Don’t ever dry your bra any other way than good old still air.  Seriously, no dryer.
  3. Don’t ever not wear a bra.  Please and thank you. (and apologies for the double negative.)

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  1. I could honestly live in plunge and (of course) sports bra! aka the Saturday bra 😉

  2. I’m needing a new strapless. I think my old one is from La Senza – have you tried the aerie one’s out yet?

  3. This graphic has really made it clear that I need to get into Aerie and go bra shopping. I thought I was covered…

  4. Demi bra’s are one of my favorite types of bras too <3

  5. OK – this post is about BRAS, but I’m entering a contest that says that I’m supposed to leave a comment on what I look for in a perfect pair of jeans…since I can REALLY use an Amazon gift card at this time of year …I’ll play! The perfect jeans are 1) comfortable 2) the right length (which is hard for me, since I’m so short), and 3) can be dressed up or down!
    As far as bras go, a good fit is so important. I got fitted earlier this year and found out that instead of a 48 DD, I should be wearing a 44 G. I am so much more comfortable in my new bras, and my clothes fit so much better!

  6. Perfect jeans for me are the ones that make my butt look good, is comfortable and the waist isn’t too tight and my fat bulges out when I’m sitting down.

  7. I need jeans that are comfortable in the waist and not too tight and it’s gotta make my butt look good! 🙂

  8. Make my butt look good!

  9. Shopping for bras are so difficult. I am glad that we now have more options. Thank you for posting.

  10. Becky says:

    I hate shopping for bras and usually just pick something that I’m used to out..i only have maybe 3-4 styles..

  11. I’m definitely with you on needing the push up, haha. I want to get a pretty layering bra!

  12. I’m definitely with you on needing the push up, haha. I really want to get a pretty layering bra from Aerie like the one pictured!

  13. Jill says:

    Push up all the way for me!

  14. Women has a lot of options in regards to bras! It’s hard to choose one.

  15. Women has a lot of options in regards to bras! It’s hard to choose one. Thanks for posting this!

  16. Comfortable bras are hard to find. Thanks for posting!

  17. Thanks for posting this. Comfy bras are everything.

  18. Cute and comfortable bras with good coverage are hard to find! I may have to check out Aerie!

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