50 Shades of Liptstick

It’s finally heating up; you know, the kind of heat that makes my curls untamable and frizzy (cue headscarves!)  Not a problem you suffer from?  Count your lucky stars.  Either way, its heating up and the thought of even wearing something as simple as a belt has me breaking out in hives.  

I once read in a styling book that when wearing basic summer dresses (or shorts and t-shirts) you can add the layers we love so much by using jewelry.  The other day I found myself staring at all my necklaces and bracelets, and imagining the sweaty, uncomfortable, non-breathing beads and chains resting against my overheating skin……and decided the author either has no idea what they are talking about, or else they summer in Maine.  

Want my advice (too bad if you don’t, because here it is anyway)?  Lipstick.  Bright, bold and matte.  Like this Laura Geller lipstick in Wild Orchid (I found mine at Beauty Brands – where you can also pick up your fave liters of shamps and conds for $12.99!)  Throw in a lack of toxicity, maybe some anti-aging properties, SPF if it’s possible and I’m set.  

Wild Orchid lipstick for something fun when it's too hot for anything else!

A special thanks to Laura Hojnacke of  A Make it Yourself Mom’s Diary for taking the pictures, and for laughing at me; it was pretty funny!

My kids kept asking me what was wrong with my lips.  My five year-old seemed particularly concerned that his lips were going to change colors and look like mine.  Even The Mr wouldn’t let me kiss him.  Who cares about the opinions of boys anyway?  Sheesh.

What do you do to add some personality to your wardrobe in the hot summer?


  1. LOL! This is awesome. Love the way you showed the lip color…

  2. how cute are you!??!

    • Um……very? Just kidding. My sister and I had some good laughs over some of the funny shots that were taken. It’s humbling to see so many bad pictures of yourself all at once. lol

  3. Those photos made me smile – haha! It is easy to tell you were having a blast! 🙂 And girl, I am loving that super cute headwrap.

  4. Christy says:

    Love the color on you! Perfect for summer 🙂 Could you also review Vain Pursuits? I’d love to hear what you have eto say about them!

    • I will definitely look into it! Do you currently use any of their products?

  5. Love this color on you! Looks really cute with a scarf…a bit retro!

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