Things You Should Be Consigning

With every changing of the seasons comes closet-cleanings, wardrobe re-stockings and the inevitable shopping (even if it ends up being from your own closet.)  Now is the perfect time to assess your wardrobe (and anything in your closet.)  Anything with stains or holes can be re-purposed (mine become rags or get sewn into quilts – so Molly Mormon right?) or thrown away (an alarming amount of clothing gets sent to the landfills every year, please don’t contribute to this!) and anything in decent shape that isn’t on the list of Top 5 Things to Resell/Consign should be donated.  Right away.  Not sure how to re-sell/consign?  Check out my post on Ebay, consignment stores and clothing swap parties.

Top 5 Things You Should Resell/Consign (right now!)

5 Things to resell right now!

1.  Trendy Articles of Clothing – on-trend (and sold-out!)  pieces will sell quickly and at a fair price (and sometimes more!)  Classics will sometimes get you a fair price, especially if they are a popular or quality brand.  Designer denim, classic cashmere sweaters (I can’t part with mine!), cardigans, jackets/blazers, coats and dresses all re-sell well.

2.  Jewelry – and the occasional accessory such as hats, gloves, and scarves.  Whether it’s from Foreve21 or J.Crew, jewelry always has great re-sale value; maybe people have an easier time wearing used jewelry than they do used clothing.  Who knows?  Make sure it’s not tarnished, not missing any stones/pieces and is in good working order.

3.  Handbags – on-trend and classic handbags are another item that can hold some re-sale value.  Make sure they are clean and still have their original shape.

4.  Shoes – if you didn’t love the pair of shoes, and especially if you’ve only worn them a handful of times, these are an easy way to whittle down the growing pile of shoes (I’m pretty much a shoe addict.)  Make sure they are scuff-free, have the soles repaired if they are a quality leather pair and you can get up to 75% of what you originally paid for them!

5.  Kids toys (and their clothes while you are at it!)  I have only consigned my children’s clothes once before, and didn’t really think it was worth what little I got for them.  My eyes were opened (just a bit) when I recently shopped the local Just Between Friends children’s consignment sale.  Wow.  I was doing it all wrong apparently!  If it weren’t for my younger nephews, I think I would try selling with a children’s consignment store.  Aside from that, I think I’m sold on shopping consignment sales.  Sure, thrifting might sometimes be a bit cheaper, but you usually find a lot less!  I can’t wait for the spring sale (and this time I will come prepared with a list!)

*A special thanks to Just Between Friends in Kansas City for sponsoring this post!  They host bi-annual consignment stores that have the largest selection I’ve ever seen (it was equal parts exciting and intimidating.  I found costumes and an antique gumball machine dispenser – this sale is amazing and I can’t wait for Spring.  Oh, and all of these thoughts and opinions are my own!

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