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It’s Love Time!  Single, dating, new relationships, old relationships, marriage, whatever your status is, it’s time to celebrate love.  If you’re lucky (and it’s what you were hoping for) then you will end up with a little paper box in varying shapes and colors, filled with sparkly gemstones that have been polished to “Where my sunglasses at?!” brilliance.

Tips to take care of your jewelry the proper way!

I had my niece over the other day, and because organizing my jewelry was on the day’s to-do list, I asked her to help me.  She was ooohing and awwwing over them while I was reminiscing on times gone by.  There’s the ring The Mr bought me while we were on honeymoon in Rome, the ring my father gave me when I was an awkward and gangly, newly-minted teenager, turquoise bought in Colorado – all handcrafted by local tribes.  I’m a sentimental fool, and I can’t seem to bring myself to part with so many “priceless” treasure.  

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At some point, I had to find an acceptable way to store my jewelry; you can’t be inspired what you can’t see!  I found an inexpensive one at Micheals, threw in a 40% coupon and bam, affordable jewelry organization.  There are several good options out there, including this ring tray organizer from the Container Store and this fancier tiered option from Target.

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Tips For Storing Your Jewelry

1. When stored in a drawer or container, be sure the drawers are lined in a soft velvet.  

2. Try to keep individual pieces from touching each other.  The sliding of the jewelry while opening and closing the drawers can cause dings and scratches to metals and stones.

3. Keep it organized, grouping similar styles near each other.  There is no point in having a selection if you can’t clearly see it (and no one enjoys frantically searching for the perfect piece when you should be in the car, on the way already!

4.  Keep Pearls separate from all other jewelry – they are the most likely to be damaged by oils, water and scratches.

5.  Keep a dedicated dish or spot near the door where you can catch all the bracelets and earrings you take off as soon as you get home.  Put them in their correct spot in the morning.

Looking for more inspiration?  I give you a sneek peak into how I organize my earrings and necklaces in this post.

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Looking for more tips on trendy and timeless pieces of jewelry? Zales and Cosmo have teamed up to bring you this quick, fun video:

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