5 Laundry Room Hacks

I’m starting a (much-needed) laundry room makeover, and I’ve been thinking about the things I need to keep handy, and the things I want to keep hidden behind the cupboard doors.  While I’m using my laundry room to incorporate some major color (emerald-green!) I also want to keep it efficient and streamline a lot of my laundry processes with some major organization. 

laundry room organization

These are five of the things I want to cleverly hang beside the dryer:

1.  Purse-size lint roller.  I can grab it and go (which is usually the case!)

2.  Tide Pods (a lovely little invention thought up by the brilliant minds at Procter & Gamble  <most likely by a woman>) are easy, simple and a lot cleaner than its’ counterpart, the bottle/lid method.  What I love most is that I can easily fling one of these pods into a bag with my comforter when I drop it off to be laundered for its seasonal washing (I’m cheap, and don’t want to pay an extra $3 for laundry detergent that never smells quite as good as my beloved Tide!)

3.  Buttons, buttons, buttons.  I’m tired of finding and losing buttons all over the house (and car.)  It’s time for me to keep them in one solid place for easy finding and quick fixes.

4.  Needle and thread.  The first place I always notice ripped seams and missing buttons is when I’m sorting and folding laundry.  Fix it right away, and save yourself the hassle of a last minute wardrobe change (or malfunction!)

5.  Wax.  Yes, wax.  Keep it separate from your clothes of course (especially the melted variety!)  I prefer this (rather lame, I know) heart shape candle for its shape – that little indent is perfect for rubbing sticky or tough zippers, rubbing across the top of your clothing bars (a trick I picked up from working retail – it keeps the hangers sliding smoothly, decreases the wearing off of paint, and makes it easier to clean!) and rubbing along drawer mechanisms that stick.  That little heart will last me forever too!

zipper wax candle trick


Next on the list? Artwork.  I’m thinking some super-chic guides to laundering, and maybe a few comical quotes (I mean, I hate laundry.)

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