31 Styling Tips

With 31 days in October, I’m prepping to crank out 31 awesome styling flavors tips and tricks that you will love (just like the ice cream.)  Now is the perfect time to talk about versatility.  It’s what makes it so nice to take our summer clothes we love so much (and aren’t quite ready to stop wearing) and transition them into the cool days of fall.   If you’ve been a reader (I love you, thank you for your faithful followings because I couldn’t do what I love without each and everyone single one of you!) you may remember this dress from my #omahaweekend trip this past August.  It’s by far been one of my favorite summer pieces, and I’ve been excited to be able to transition it to fall.  From warm, sunny days (this past week) to slightly cooler, rainy days, to a date-night out with The Mr., I hope these small changes inspire you and your closet!

9 ways to switch up one item from your closet on PrettyPolishedPerfect.com

Dress it down, dress it up, belt it, add a scarf, add a jacket and darnit, just think outside the box!  

Stay tuned for 30 more inspiration, tips and tricks!  For more 31 Days of awesomeness, visit writethirtyonedays.com.

31 Days of Styling Tips & Tricks

Day 1


  1. Yay! I could use some fashion tips:) I’m from Omaha so that made me smile… super cute dress!

  2. Camryn says:

    So cute! Found your blog from the linkup of Write 31 Days! You’re lovely 🙂


  3. Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day says:

    Visiting from the #Write31Days link up! I look forward to reading your posts about fashion (near and dear to me) and getting ideas on how you mix things up. I really like what you did with that dress! My favorite transition look is the boots and trench!

  4. I found you on the 31 Days link up too! So cute! I love how versatile the dress is! It’s amazing how much a change of shoes or a sweater can mix things up!

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